It’s Savage Sunday!

My Disciples,

It’s Savage Sunday! Let’s all go crazy and pay tribute to our wild ancestors by embracing our inner savage!

Savage Otis

It’s Savage Sunday! Gimme that finger! Just kidding, don’t bite the hand that feeds you today. Just attack toys with extra vigor.

Even though It looks like I am about to take off one of the Guardian’s fingers in the photo above, I really didn’t do it. I just wanted an especially savage looking photo to go with Savage Sunday. Brother Oliver snapped the shot just as the Guardian pulled his finger back in surprise. I then gave the Guardian My best, “I’m completely innocent and harmless” look to defuse the situation.

So go embrace your inner savage with scratching posts, toys and other appropriate outlets. It’s Savage Sunday. Go wild!

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “It’s Savage Sunday!

  1. Chris

    Our savage Monster savoring his Savage Sunday…..actually every day is Savage Whatever Day for him!

  2. Definately fierce! I’m afraid 😛

  3. I’m hiding this post from RC Cat….she’s debating on the way to instruct us when she is displeased with our brushing technique….she doesn’t need to see this – or talk with Granny cat (who has taken this technique to the extreme – and forgets the innocent look part…)

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