Making the Neighborhood Safer for Wildlings

My Disciples,

The Brothers, the Guardians and I were all very sad after one of our neighborhood wildlings lost his life to a car. The Guardians know they will never be able to make the roads completely safe for the wildlings, but they did decide to at least do what they could to raise the awareness of people driving by. To that end, they put up a new sign in front of our house this morning.

Raccoon Crossing Sign

Here is the sign that the Guardians erected in front of the house. It’s not much, but at least it might make people look more carefully for wildlings as they are driving by.

The Guardians figured this was the least they could do for the wildlings considering how helpful they have been in the garden. If the sign even gets just one person to slow down and look, or stop texting long enough to keep their eyes on the road, then it has served its purpose.

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “Making the Neighborhood Safer for Wildlings

  1. This is awesome! It would be great if more places emphasized wild life traffic areas. In Germany they had animal crossing bridges over the autobahn and high fencing next to nature areas that were near roads. Just makes sense to me! Since we’ve moved here to N Texas I have seen every manner of animal victim to the roads from domestic animals like dogs and cats to the poor armadillos….the armadillo is our state animal and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one alive….just bloated bodies on the side of the road. So sad!

    • Wildling bridges sound like a great idea Saymber! I wish we had one over our road…

      • Some areas actually build animal crossings under roads to direct migrating animals (with fence sections to “herd” animals away from the road and towards the tunnel)
        But raccoons are so stubborn. They are drawn towards any pet food left outside at night and just ignore the car danger.
        It was kind of the guardians to help with the sign – some drivers will slow down and watch.
        Purring for the lost kitties – do people think micro chips are like magnets that keep kitties near their doors/yards? Purring for safe returns

      • Maybe people think microchips emit little forcefields around kitties or something, but I can say for certain that mine doesn’t!

  2. Bravo, Guardians! You are saving the world, one wildling/kitty at a time. And the world is grateful.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do!!!!

  4. Wonderful idea! You have some amazing guardians!

  5. Batya

    That’s wonderful! I’ve neve seen a raccoon crossing sign. I’ve read that once upon a time, in the San Juans, some roads had Otter Crossing signs. If only humans were more careful.

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