Still Shy, But Doing Well

My Disciples,

Thomas is still being a very shy kitty, and probably will be for quite some time, but he is doing very well so far now that he is no longer in Limbo. The Brothers and I still go in to visit him regularly with the Guardians, and in between official visits I spend a lot of time talking to him at the door to Kitty Valhalla. I always assume a very non-confrontational posture when I visit with him though so I don’t intimidate him with My Leaderesness… or maybe the correct word is “Leaderosity”. I’m not really sure.

Thomas relaxing by door with Otis

When I visit Thomas at the door to Kitty Valhalla, I always try to minimize My Leaderesnessosity.

I think My efforts are paying off too. Thomas seems less inclined to run and hide even when I am up close and personal with him. He really is quite a handsome kitty! I think he is going to fit in very well with The Brothers and I!

Thomas relaxing by door

Thomas is quite handsome. If I may be so bold, he will be in good company in The Cult of Otis.

One thing that The Guardians have realized is that Thomas is still on a nocturnal schedule. He spends most of the day sleeping in a comfortable cubby hole, but he comes out at night to play and explore his accommodations. At night, he’ll even sit out in the open on The Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness which, by the way, has returned to its former glory after a brief stint as Brother Henry’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcloud.

Thomas relaxing on cloud

At night, Thomas spends much more time out in the open. He even kicks back and relaxes on the Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness!

So, for those of you who were wondering about him, our little Doubting Thomas is doing just fine. He still has doubts, and may hold onto them for a long time. His neglectful former guardians really did a number on him, and we still have to exorcise some of the resulting demons before we will finally be able to see his True Spirit. I thoroughly believe he is still in there, and I am extremely  anxious to meet him.

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24 responses to “Still Shy, But Doing Well

  1. 2 cats

    Thank you for the update on Thomas. Now can you let us know how the catlympics are going?

    • The Catlympics are still scheduled for the fall. Mama Cat hasn’t been holding practices lately because she lost two of her students (Domino and Thomas). She will soon resume training Beatrice though, and she’s trying to recruit Whisper as well. The Brothers and I have been too busy working with Thomas to practice for the Catlympics, but we too will get back to it in time to participate in the games. Perhaps even Thomas will be ready to compete by then. Time will tell.

  2. Good news. He’s such a beauty it’s a shame he’s hidden away.

    • He is a beauty. Right now he remains in Kitty Valhalla both because it is where he seems to feel most secure, and because Brother Oliver still has not gotten used to the idea of having another brother. He’s slowly getting used to it, but right now we can’t trust him to be alone with Thomas. The Guardians have a whole plan worked out to slowly incorporate Thomas into the rest of the household though, and I think it will be successful. Brother Oliver wasn’t very excited about Me when I first showed up either.


  3. Thomas is such a handsome boy–his whiskers are amazing! I think Your presence is a great comfort to him.

  4. I like how Thomas has one white whisker hump and one orange whisker hump…he is quite a dashing fellow! I can see a subtle change in him, he doesn’t look quit as tense as he did before…every little bit is progress 🙂

    • The tooth that he had extracted is underneath his white whisker hump. Sometimes that hump gets stuck slightly on his gums, and I cannot even describe how cute he looks when it happens. Perhaps Brother Oliver will manage to get a photo of it some day. 🙂

  5. That was supposed to be “quite”

  6. I understand the quarantine until he’s a bit more sorted out. It’s good you have a place to do that. He is a handsome little devil! Slip him a little catnip Otis and take some incrimminating photos to taunt him with later! “-P

    • Yes. I had My own “sorting out” period in the Outdoor Domain at our old house. It really helped My transition go more smoothly… and I’m pretty sure it prevented Brother Oliver from beating the crap out of Me.

  7. Very nice to see Thomas !
    He is a very good looking mancat 🙂

  8. It’s working, Otis. That last picture seems to show Thomas considering…he is bound to realize he has found sanctuary. Congrats

    • Thanks Phil. I think the Guardians are happy with his progress so far. He is eating, coming out to play, and generally looking less stressed than before. He even lets them touch his toes from time to time. He’s not willing to be pet or brushed yet though, and they aren’t going to make him do anything he doesn’t like.

  9. So good to see Thomas relaxing on the pillow!

  10. He’s so adorable, I love the different colored whisker humps too. How long until he’s allowed out to explore and meet and greet?

    • He has meet and greets with The Brothers and I every day, but I think the Guardians don’t want him to explore freely until he and Brother Oliver make friends. Brother Oliver is being very stubborn about accepting Thomas, but he was stubborn about accepting Me too so I know he’ll get there.

  11. yea Thomas!!! go for the GOLD…revealing your TRUE SPIRIT… paw hugs, Savvy

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