The Long-haired Limbo Ladies Luncheon

My Disciples,

Whisper was so excited about her successful Limbo Ladies Catnip Cotillion that she decided to hold a follow-up event. I, of course was very supportive because anything that keeps these free-roaming kitties in our backyard where they are safe is a good thing. Her new event was originally going to be called simply “The Limbo Ladies Luncheon”, but when everyone that showed up turned out to be a long-haired kitty, Whisper changed the name to “The Long-haired Limbo Ladies Luncheon”.

Long-haired Limbo Ladies Luncheon 1

The Limbo Ladies Luncheon became the Long-haired Limbo Ladies Luncheon when Whisper, Beatrice and Mama Cat showed up to dine.

With wet food provided by the Guardians of Otis, the LHLLL was a huge success! Although I am not a lady, only have medium-length hair, and am not in Limbo, I was allowed to watch the luncheon from within the safety of My Outdoor Domain. While I appreciated the fact that I was allowed to participate in this way, it turned out to be sheer torture. You see, this was My view of the event:

Long-haired Limbo Ladies Luncheon 2

This was My view of The Long-haired Limbo Ladies Luncheon. Do you see those fluffy tails!

Considering the problems I have had in the past when presented with fluffy tails, I did not stick around for the entire luncheon. I asked the Limbo ladies to excuse Me, and then I went inside to find the Guardians. I knew they could help Me indulge My fluffy tail fetish in a way that would not result in My getting bopped on the head repeatedly.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “The Long-haired Limbo Ladies Luncheon

  1. Joseline

    This is sweet of your Guardians.

  2. Otis, do the limbo ladies belong to people? Or are they just out and about fending for themselves? I’m glad your Guardians protect and provide for them but I wonder if they have homes to go to?

  3. Such a lovely luncheon for the ladies! You made a wise decision to remove yourself from the temptation of the fluffy tails.

  4. So every cat ended up happy and safe for a bit. A soft paw pat awarded for kindness by you and your Guardians

  5. Love the Long haired limbo ladies luncheon! The ladies of the luncheon are lovely long haired ladies!
    Good for you, Otis, that you understood your temptation issues and removed yourself from the situation and went to your substitute toy!

  6. I just luvluvluv the LH3L…what a pawsome group of ladycats…and thank COD you did not touch those poofy tails Leader Otis…would have been kind’a ugly I’m thinking…paw pats, Savannah

    • Yeah, and also, I couldn’t reach their tails because the Guardians strategically positioned the luncheon spread where I couldn’t reach them from My Outdoor Domain…

      • well, guess those Guardians know ya pretty well, eh Leader Otis?? hope you drop by some day and read my blog…I think I have done some really useful interviews and stuff…just sayin’…Savannah

  7. We hope you found your big green substitute fluffy cat tail in time. Which reminds us, how is Thomas?

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