I Had An Earmergency

My Disciples,

This morning I was just laying on the floor, minding My own business when I suddenly felt a powerful itching sensation in My ear. I could have reached up with My hind leg to scratch that itch, but it would have required Me to move. I wasn’t really in to that idea. Instead, I looked at one of the Guardians, who was a few feet away petting Brother Henry, and I started to flick My ear and look uncomfortable. The Guardian responded immediately, first saying, “Do you have and itch Otis?”, and then beginning to scratch and massage My ear.

Otis itchy ear 1

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have good help. If it hadn’t been for the Guardian, I would have had to exert Myself to scratch My ear.

I’m pretty sure that the main reason humans have such dextrous hands is to better serve kitties. Not only can they open cans and bags of food, build all sorts of cat trees and catios, hold a brush and pet us firmly but gently, they can also do amazing things when it comes to scratching an itch. After just a few moments of scratching, My itch was completely gone and My ear felt so good that I could hardly stand it. I was so overcome with warm and fuzzy feelings that I started grooming Myself .

Otis itchy ear 2

The ear scratch and massage felt so good I had to start grooming Myself.

Once the Guardian was done, I was able to lay back down an fall right to sleep with no itch to distract Me further. I dreamed that was was wearing a pair of earmuffs shaped like human hands, and whenever My ears started to itch, the earmuffs would come to life and massage My ears. I was eventually woken up by Brother Henry who said I was keeping him awake because I was purring so loud.

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “I Had An Earmergency

  1. Ha ha ha! I’m laughing out loud over here, dear leader Otis. It was indeed a big earmergency… Dream away, beautiful boy! 🙂

  2. raven's witch

    awww Otis you are a pretty kitty.even if you are a boy cat have a nice nap 🙂

  3. Batya

    Dear Leader Otis. I think you have your Guardians wrapped around your paw, right where they should be 🙂

  4. And humans think they are the superior species…. *snicker*

  5. Otis you had both of us laughing at this ! I think Amber and May (our resident royalty) were snickering to themselves as well. We are experienced Guardians who’s hands are dextrous also.

  6. Now that makes Guardians sound like a purrfect solution – good planning to have one or more around at all times!

  7. Goodness, ear rubs make kitties melt! At least it does for my Star, she will press into the hand so hard..
    I think perhaps brother Henry needs some ear plugs so you can purr as loud as you want.. hee hee

  8. Humans do have their uses, eh?

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