A Photo Session With Thomas

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver managed to sneak his camera into Kitty Valhalla while the Guardians were trying to coax forth the True Spirit of Thomas. He is still a very timid kitty, and likely will continue to be for a long time, but with the help of a new mouse toy the Guardians have been able to help him come out of his shell now and then. Take a look. I think Brother Oliver’s photos speak for themselves.

Thomas Playing 1

Thomas Playing 2

Thomas Playing 3

Thomas Playing 4

Thomas Playing 6

Thomas Playing 8

Thomas Playing 9

The little guy is definitely still in there. He hasn’t been lost to the wilds forever as sometimes happens to neglected and abandoned kitties. It’s understandable that it will take a while to earn Thomas’s trust though considering his first guardians left him in a pile of garbage. The Brothers and I are all just happy that the Guardians found him and brought him inside where he will be safe. I visit him as often as I can and tell him over and over that I was just like him once, and that in time his fear will subside.

Otis reassuring Thomas

I visit Thomas as often as I can to reassure him and help him let go of his fear.

Of course, Thomas still replies as he has from the beginning by saying, “I doubt it!”, but I think I detect some weakening of his doubt.

Thomas doubting Otis

Yes, Thomas still has his doubts.

We’ll keep working with our frightened little brother. He may feel like giving up on humans because of the way his previous guardians treated him, but The Brothers, the Guardians of Otis and I will never give up on him.

So Sayeth Otis


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22 responses to “A Photo Session With Thomas

  1. Thomas is making so much progress! Perhaps one day, he will join the Brothers as part of your Inner Circle.

  2. What a lovely post! So glad to see Thomas in all these pictures! I’m certain he’s going to let his True Spirit shine in the future now that he’s learning how to trust again.

  3. APAWS for Thomas…I just got that same mousie toy, and I am a bit afraid of it sometimes…so just the fact that he reached out to touch it is very brave in my book! paw pats, Savannah

  4. Awww, he’s so adorable trying to learn to play, so tentative! We hope it doesnt take too long before he stops doubting you!

  5. Otis, somehow a mousie seems to ease transitions – and a quiet friend who extends a paw. That 3rd picture shows a glimmer of trust?

  6. Thomas is so cute. Like me. He is going to learn about good peoples like I did when I got my Mama. I still don’t like strangers much but I will say hello when they visit but they cannot touch me! We are still thinking healing and happy thoughts for Thomas. You are all such good brothers.

  7. Connie

    Maybe he would benefit from some Spirit Essenceses

  8. Awww, he definitely has his hunting face on in those ones with the mouse 🙂 and he is so floofy it must hard for the guardians to resist cuddles, but I don’t expect he’d appreciate that yet. At least they have you to snuggle with Otis 🙂

  9. Hopefully the days of little “doubting Thomas” will pass quickly! What a sweet and beautiful addition to the group! Hugs from me to all the familia.

  10. I can’t help but sense a breakthrough is on the way, either with you brothers, or with your guardians. I see it in the tufts of fur reaching out of Thomas’s ears, longing for a connection. 🙂 Such great photographs: what a precious boy.

    • Thanks lemonysqueezes. We’re really hoping for a breakthrough, but Thomas is quite a stubborn little kitty. Still, he is safe now and finding some joy in life. We will make sure that he has as little to fear as possible and as much enrichment as he can handle.

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