The Brothers Still Fight In This Heat

My Disciples,

Brothers Henry and Oliver like to fight with one another. OK, so they don’t really fight. They just roughhouse with each other and play like they are fighting. Every once in a while, one of them (usually Brother Henry) gets a little carried away, and the other one (usually Brother Oliver) gets all growly and hissy about it. I thought that they would be too hot to fight during this recent heat wave, and I was kind of right I guess. But Brother Henry still tried to start something yesterday as he and Brother Oliver were laying in the middle of the sweltering living room. He didn’t jump up and pounce or anything, but as soon as Brother Oliver’s tail came within reach, Brother Henry couldn’t resist grabbing and holding onto it.

Henry Holding Oliver's Tail 1

I thought the Brothers were way too hot to fight, but Brother Henry managed to grab Brother Oliver’s tail.

At first, Brother Oliver just lay there with an annoyed and slightly overheated look. You could tell he was mad, but expressing himself would require movement that would then lead to a further rise in temperature. Still, you could tell he was trying to swish his tail in agitation, but that tail wasn’t going anywhere.

Brother Henry looked hot too, but he also looked very proud of himself. After several minutes passed with Brother Henry showing no sign that he was going to release Brother Oliver’s tail things reached the breaking point. Brother Oliver shouted, “BROTHER HENRY LET GO OF MY TAIL!”

Henry Holding Oliver's Tail 2

Brother Oliver finally reached his breaking point and shouted at Brother Henry.

Brother Henry replied, “I’m sorry Brother Oliver. I’ve wanted to let go of your tail for the past ten minutes, but I got so much hotter after I expended the energy to grab it in the first place, I don’t want to move again to release it!” I could tell that this made Brother Oliver even madder, but his little outburst had sapped all of his remaining strength. I would have gone over to try to help them out, but there was a nice, cool breeze blowing in from My Outdoor Domain, and I was laying right in its path. There was no way I was leaving that!

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “The Brothers Still Fight In This Heat

  1. A wise kitty secures the breezy spot!

  2. Otis ….You have a gaggle of children in Toronto reading you ……………
    all telling me about Puss in boots with no boots ? Thomas lost his canine tooth – i am hearing this daly now – your updates ……
    You have tons of little new fans in Toronto ……..
    Kids in my neigbourhood are in LOOOOVE WITH YOU XO


  3. Oh you poor things – so hot over there. Love the pics. Looking forward to following you.

  4. ya know, that tail was pretty hard to resist…but I get it that it took energy just to reach out and touch it…tough times guys…once again…paws crossed for fog! Paw pats, Savannah

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