Too… Hot… Cannot… Move…

My Disciples,

It’s hot! We have all succumb to heat paralysis.

Heat Wave

Too… hot…

If you are reading this, please, PLEASE send air conditioning!

So sayeth Otis

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19 responses to “Too… Hot… Cannot… Move…

  1. aww if I could I would ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sending some aircondition air over from my AC , do you feel the cold ??!!

  3. 2 cats

    I dont have AC but may I just say you are all looking very svelte in the photo

  4. Melted kitties! I hope you get some cool’s soon!

  5. Felix here, my mommy puts out little dishes with ice cubes in them when it’s hot. My siblings and I looooove to bat them and they make funny crackling noises but even better we lick them and drink the cool water when the icies melt!

  6. Batya

    People use something called “blue ice” to keep food cold for a picnic or camping, etc. One of those wrapped in a small towel can feel really good under a hot cat! So sayeth Trout and Kismet.

  7. Ask the Guardians to fill empty soda bottles with water, freeze them, and wrap them in a soft towel so that you can snuggle up to them and keep cool. This is the way we had to keep the shelter cats cool before we moved into our new state-of-the-art animal shelter. You gotta be cool!!!

  8. Frantically waving paws and hands to try and stir up a cool breeze for you!

  9. oh my!!! that does not look like Pacific Northwest temps!!!…just sayin’…paw crossed for fog! Paw pats, Savannah

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