I Finally Saw Thomas

My Disciples,

As Brothers Oliver and Henry told you yesterday, The Guardians finally let us in to see Thomas. The meeting was a lot less pleasant than it could have been, thanks to Brother Oliver, but it was good to speak with Thomas none-the-less. I found Thomas sleeping behind the curtain hidey place in Kitty Valhalla. As I peeked in on him he raised his head and said, “Hi Leader Otith! Ewwwww! Whath that thmell?”

Thomas on scratcher

Thomas was sleeping behind the curtains in Kitty Valhalla. When he woke up, he was talking funny.

I was a little taken aback at first, both because Brother Oliver’s stank had just hit Me and because Thomas seemed to be having difficulty talking. I said, “Thomas! Are you OK!? We heard you were infected with canine and that it had to be extracted! Is that true?” Thomas replied, “Thath thort of true Leader Otith. I wathn’t infected with canine though. One of my canine teef wath infected and they exthracted it from my mouf at The Bat Plathe. Thee, take a look.” He then opened his mouth and I could see that one of the teeth that I call the “Fangs of Fury” was missing.

Thomas showing Otis his tooth

Thomas said that they had extracted one of his “canine” teeth at The Bad Place. He opened his mouth and I could see that he was missing one of his Fangs of Fury.

I turned away as Thomas showed Me his missing tooth, because his mouth still looked swollen and ouchy. No wonder he was having trouble pronouncing his words. He closed his mouth and said, “Yeth, I know…ith hard to look at. It feelth better than it did though.” I asked him why he called his missing fang a “canine tooth”, and he said, “Thath what the Guardianth and the peopleth at the Bat Plathe were calling it. It theemed thrange, but I thought that maybe they knew thumbthing I dithn’t.”

I thought about this for a moment and said, “No, I don’t think they were confused at The Bad Place. I was pretty freaked out when we were there, but I distinctly remember the smell of dog hanging strongly in the air. I think that The Bad Place people were being manipulated by agents of the long-feared dog uprising. The dogs made them call your tooth a canine to try to scare The Brothers and Me into believing that cat’s could become infected with dog. It was an attempt to use psychological warfare. This is a troubling development.”

What troubled Me even more was that it was the Guardians that Brother Oliver had overheard saying Thomas had a canine extracted. They had undoubtedly been given this information at The Bad Place, but why hadn’t they questioned it? Why hadn’t they corrected The Bad Place people and told them that it was a Fang of Fury? I trust the Guardians, but I will be watching them closely in the days to come.

I decided not to discuss the matter any further with Thomas. He is still healing, and he didn’t need any more stress than that with which he was already dealing. I jumped up on the shelf above him and we chatted a bit about what had been happening in the past few days. Then I looked down and noticed the catnip banana.

Otis on Shelf Above Thomas

I jumped up on the shelf above Thomas and we chatted. Then, I noticed the banana.

I said, “Thomas…is that yours?” Meekly he replied, “Yeth…ith mine. I know catnip bananath are dangeroth Leader Otith, but…well…my toof and my ballth really hurt. The banana makth me feel better…” That’s when I remembered that not only had Thomas had a tooth removed, he had also been neutered. I said, “Thomas, I understand. We’ve all been there My friend. You do whatever you need to do to feel better.” And Thomas said, “Thankth Leader Otith…by the way…could you bring me thumb ithe?”

So Sayeth Otis

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26 responses to “I Finally Saw Thomas

  1. Awww , poor Thomas 😦
    I do hope he heal up real quick !!

  2. Well that’s rotten luck. I hope Thomas is on the mend soon. And it’s very generous of You to share a catnip banana with Thomas. I’m sure the banana and Your presence were a great comfort to him.

  3. Sweet Thomas my boys send their strongest purrs for a speedy recovery!!!

  4. Otis – RC Cat assures me that an assertive cattitude is just as important as having Fangs of Fury. RC has instructed staff to purr comforting wishes to Thomas for a quick recovery.

  5. Kitten Thunder sends some long distance purr therapy to Thomas. And it sounds like Brother Oliver could use some, too!

  6. Wow, so poor Thomas came back missing more than just the usual.. They got him at both ends! Someone send in the extra strength nip nanner!

  7. So good to see Thomas again. Glad he is allowed visitors. Purring for him.

  8. Awwww…… I hope you heal up soon Thomas!

  9. Pebble only has 3 fangs of fury. One seems to have broken off while she was in limbo 😦 the vet said I had to keep an eye on it to make sure the bit that’s left doesn’t go bad. I hate to think what could have happened to her for it to break 😦 but she is fine and happy now. My old cat had to have all her teeth removed and she was fine too, so Thomas will hardly miss it once it heals 🙂

  10. Shortly after I adopted my long hair Amber, she developed an abcessed tooth. Well it wasn’t until she started to make wierd smacking noises that we finally took her into the vet and found out! Cats, like so many animals, will do anything to avoid showing their weakness! I felt so bad! I wish Thomas a swift recovery – so glad to FINALLY see him and to learn what happened!

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  15. Oh (Sir) Thomas we just read about your tooth extraction & neutering…wow you must have hurt from one end to the other….we are glad there was a nip banana to get your thru that ordeal….
    Back in March of 2008 Nylablue had to have her 12 remaining teeth out….that poor girl went thru two weeks of H*LL. I had second thoughts about the surgery & wondered if I should have let her go to Rainbow Bridge…..she DID recover & adjusted to eating w/out her rotted teeth & I am so glad I got her the surgery!!! She had alot of teeth out sometime in 2006 or7 from Peridontel Disease but did not get proper care so the rest went bad…she almost died from the infection…what a life she had…..
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

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