The Leader Is Visiting Thomas

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. I just wanted to let you know that Leader Otis is currently in Kitty Valhalla having a visit with Thomas. The Guardians finally let Him in this morning, but they made Brother Henry and I sit outside the door. It was very annoying to both of us.

Henry and Oliver at Valhalla door

Leader Otis got to go in and see Thomas, but the Guardians wouldn’t let Brother Henry and me go in. It was annoying.

I don’t know why we were excluded, I mean, we know how to behave ourselves…

HOLD ON A SECOND HERE! Disciples of The Leader Otis. This is Brother Henry. Brother Oliver is not telling you the whole story about what happened in Kitty Valhalla this morning. You see, the Guardians did let all of us in to see Thomas, but as soon as we got into Valhalla, Brother Oliver ran over and jumped in Thomas’s litter box. The box had just been scooped and, well, Brother Oliver just can’t resist a fresh box. He let loose with a stink the likes of which I have never encountered. The Guardians even tried to intercept the bomb that Brother Oliver was dropping as it was falling into the box, but even removing it immediately did not kill the stench.

Oliver pooping

Brother Oliver and I actually did get to go into Kitty Valhalla with The Leader. Then Brother Oliver did this.

As soon as Brother Oliver was finished, he ran over to the door and asked to be let out. I’m ashamed to say that, even though I really wanted to see how Thomas was doing, I asked to be let out too. That stink was just too much for me to bear. Leader Otis looked pretty overwhelmed Himself, but He was resolved to stay and talk to Thomas. I admire his courage. Now, I have to go sit in The Leader’s Outdoor Domain and let my fur air out. I have a feeling that Leader Otis will be doing the same later today. The best we can do for Thomas right now though is turn on a couple fans. Poor little guy. I guess he had to learn sooner or later that Brother Oliver is an assident waiting to happen. He may have more difficulty recovering from this than he did his trip to The Bad Place.

So Says Brother Henry

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15 responses to “The Leader Is Visiting Thomas

  1. The photo of Brother Oliver stink-bombing is priceless! Big grin!

  2. Only the Blog of Otis would be confident enuff to ‘air’ this photo ‘bomb’…LMTO

  3. Tracey Rogers

    Hilarious!!! Love the look of pure joy on Oliver’s face while doing the “deed”.

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  5. You two look quite impressive in that first photo

  6. Assident waiting to happen! OMC MOL!!!!!

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  8. MOL ‘Assident’…MOL..purrcieless!!!!!
    Nylablue xo

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