My Disciples,

I still can’t remember what all I heard the Guardians saying when they took Thomas and I to The Bad Place the other day, but I have felt completely worn out ever since I returned home. I’ve spent more time than usual napping and loafing about for the past two days, and Brother Oliver said I probably have PBPED. When I asked him what PBPED is, he told Me it’s “Post Bad Place Exhaustion Disorder”. He also said that, although he almost never has to go to The Bad Place, he always suffers from PBPED afterward.

Otis exhausted on bench

I am so exhausted. Brother Oliver says I have PBPED.

The Guardians haven’t let us visit Thomas up in Kitty Valhalla yet, so I’m not sure whether or not he is also suffering from PBPED. I think I know why he came home from The Bad Place so much later than Me though. I can smell him from the bottom of the stairs that lead to Kitty Valhalla, and I am picking up scents that I only remember smelling one other time in My life. I remember these same smells were coming from Me right after I was neutered.

So I think that’s what happened to Thomas, but I think there might be more to the story as well. Hopefully I will be able to visit him soon and find out the whole story. Hmmm…and maybe I’ll also see if I can bring him a bag of ice…

So Sayeth Otis

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16 responses to “I Have PBPED

  1. Dear Leader Otis, I’ve been following your posts every single day for the past 2 months or so. I LOVE your blog! I live very far from you: in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I don’t have a blog, but I share your guardians’ philosophy of keeping cats safely contained (I myself am Guardian to 2 amazing cats). I hope you and Thomas recover soon, your Guardians are doing a great job!

  2. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Poor, poor Otis! And poor Thomas!! I hope the brothers are exhausting themselves going from patient to patient and making you both feel better. You are so brave, Otis!

  3. Poor Otis!!! When Kip was at the bad place the other day he suffered what can only be called PBPCD; post bad place CLING disorder, he did not want to leave my side after we returned. We are all concerned about Thomas and hope this trip to the bad place will not set him back, his acclimation to KV and the safe indoor life was going so well!

    • I hope it didn’t set him back too, although I was definitely angry and hissy after the Guardians brought Me home from My neuter. I got over it eventually, so if Thomas is upset, hopefully he will get over it too.

  4. Poor Otis, you just keep resting and recovering, baby! And wow, poor Thomas! I’m sure he’s resting and recovering too, that PBPCD is worse the longer you stay there and if they give you the sleepy juice, then dang, it takes even that much longer!
    I hope if there is more to the story, it’s not bad… I’m sure he’d appreciate that ice though! As well as your guardian who got the bit finger, hope he’s doing better!

  5. Take it easy, Leader Otis! Lots of rest and plenty of snuggles. Glad you’re all okay.

  6. Well, Leader Otis, what a difficult few days for you and Thomas. I remember being neutered. Can’t figure out why I was though. Mama says not to worry it was nothing I had any need of anyway. Purring for both of you.

  7. Chris

    I hope you, Leader Otis, and Brother Thomas are feeling up to par soon. The Bad Place is…well….a bad place!

  8. Leader Otis, I hope you recover quickly from your bout with PBPED and that it isn’t too severe. You need to rest up so you’re in a good position to tend to Thomas and lead your brothers in offering him comfort and support.

    • Thanks lemonysqueezes. I’ve definitely been resting up because I want to be fully present when I finally get to see Thomas. I think he will need all the support he can get. I know I did when I came in from the wilderness.

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