A Trying Day for The Leader and Thomas

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here again. As you are aware, yesterday the Guardians rounded up Leader Otis and Thomas in the portable kitty jails and took them somewhere. Brother Henry and I figured that they were going to The Bad Place, and we figured right. About two hours after they left, they returned, but only Leader Otis was with them. They placed The Leader’s kitty jail in the middle of the living room and opened the door. The Leader exited, clearly shaken by His ordeal. Worried about Thomas, I pressed Him for answers, but He simply said, “I…I can’t Brother Oliver. Please don’t make Me relive it!”

Otis Returns

Only Leader Otis returned with the Guardians. I pressed Him for answers about what had happened, but he didn’t want to talk about it.

Feeling that it was absolutely crucial to figure out what had happened to Thomas, I firmly said, “Leader Otis! You left with Thomas and only You returned! We must figure out what has happened to him! Please try to remember!” With a heavy sigh and a shudder, Leader Otis said, “Oh…OK. I’ll try…We…we were at The Bad Place. That much I’m sure you already figured out. But, It was very strange this time. The Guardians seemed more tense than usual, and the bigger one was wearing a bandage on his thumb. On the drive to The Bad Place I heard the Guardians say that Thomas had bitten the Guardian!” I gasped when Leader Otis told me this. My mind was reeling. I started to say, “You mean…he…he…” and The Leader interjected, “Yes…he bit the hand that feeds him!”

We were both silent for a long time after that, and then I said, “OK, I know this is hard Leader Otis, but what happened next. Where is Thomas!?” The Leader said, “Well, I remember arriving at The Bad Place and being taken into the scary room. I tried to make Myself as small as possible in My portable jail, but the people at The Bad Place still found Me. As always, they were extremely kind to Me even as they did things that I didn’t like.” The Leader shuddered, and I knew he was thinking about having his temp-shure taken. He continued, “I know the Guardians and The Bad Place people were talking about Me and Thomas while I was being poked and prodded, but I was too terrified to really catch the conversation.”

Otis at the vet 1

The Leader said that He knew the Guardians and The Bad Place people were talking about Him and Thomas, but He was too scared to really hear the conversation.

The Leader then said, “There was one point, as I was being stuck with something sharp and stingy, that I caught a glimpse of Thomas in his kitty jail. He had a red fire in his eyes, kind of like when I was possessed by the bathroom demon!”

Thomas at the vet

Leader Otis said that He caught a glimpse of Thomas in his kitty jail. He said he had a red fire in his eyes.

At this point, The Leader said He remembered something else about the Guardians and The Bad Place people discussing His art thritis. He wasn’t sure what the discussion was about, but it seemed to make the Guardians radiate feelings of tension and anxiety. He was then returned to His kitty jail and He tucked his head into the corner and attempted to tune everything out. The next thing He knew, He was back in the car and on His way home but Thomas was nowhere to be seen.

The Leader was completely exhausted, so I decided to let Him go rest at this point. I spent the remainder of the morning and well into the afternoon wondering and worrying about Thomas. Just when I thought I would never see Him again, the Guardians left for a while and returned with Thomas in tow. They sat his portable jail down for a moment and I shouted, “Thomas! What happened? Are you OK!?” But he just looked at me with an intensely angry expression on his face.

Thomas home from the vet

The Guardians brought Thomas home in the afternoon. He looked pretty angry.

The Guardians then whisked Thomas away to Kitty Valhalla and we have not yet been allowed to visit him up there. I’m still not sure what has happened, but I plan to get into Valhalla as soon as possible to find out. I was a little uncertain about our new little brother at first, but now he’s one of us, and we will not let him face his challenges alone! But I am going to have to talk to him about that “biting the hand that feeds him” thing. If the Guardian loses a hand, then it will be much harder for him to open cans. Next time, Thomas should try biting a foot.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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So Sayeth Brother


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17 responses to “A Trying Day for The Leader and Thomas

  1. So glad they both returned home. I hope you and Brother Henry have been doing your best to soothe the Leader and Thomas. Trips to the Bad Place are traumatic for everyone involved.

    • Brother Henry and I have definitely been soothing Leader Otis, but the Guardians won’t let us in to see Thomas yet. I guess he’s not ready for visitors.

      – Brother Oliver

  2. Hope you find out what happened soon. Worried about both The Leader and Thomas although I’m sure the Guardians have things well in hand. Or foot as the case may be.

    • Leader Otis seems mostly OK, but he’s been limping more lately. I think his art thritis is acting up. The Guardians won’t let us see Thomas yet, so we’re not sure what is going on with him. We’re very anxious to find out!

      Brother Oliver

  3. They’re both home now, that’s the important thing! Whew! I hope the guardian recovers quickly! And that Thomas will learn to trust them soon!

    • I think the Guardian went to a people Bad Place today. He kind of smelled like it when he got home. He also had a little bottle with him that smelled like the nasty pills Brother Henry had to take when he got an infection. He seems OK though.

      Brother Oliver

  4. I hope Thomas is able to shed a little more light on the situation.. Here’s hoping he feeling better and up to talking when you get to see him.

  5. I give my Mama love nips. But sometimes I just want to let her know how much I love her and I nips too hard and she shakes her finger and says NO BITEY! That always stops me and makes me be more careful.
    Maybe Thomas just needs to learn about the no bitey rule. Although, now might not be the time to tell him that. Both he and the Leader have had a bad day.

  6. Wow, that was an eventful trip to The Bad Place. I hope Thomas is okay. I’ll read on to see if there has been an update. I’m sorry to hear about the bite and hope the wound heals quickly.

  7. Oh dear, it sounds like a very trying day all around!!! Thomas must have been very frightened to bite the Guardian 😦 We hope both Thomas and Leader Otis recover quickly from their ordeals!!!

    PS – how old it Otis that he is suffering from arthritis?

    • Leader Otis is only about 6 and a half years old, but something bad happened to him at The Bad Place when he got neutered. He returned from his surgery with a very prominent limp. The people at The Bad Place said they couldn’t find a cause for the limp, and it eventually went away in what came to be known as The Miracle of the Leg. Still, I think the Guardians suspected that Leader Otis had been handled roughly at that Bad Place, so they started taking us to a new Bad Place after that. The Miracle of the Leg seemed to wear off after about 5 years, and the people at the new Bad Place took radumographs of Leader Otis. The radumographs showed an old injury in The Leader’s hip that was resulting in art thritis. I’ve overheard the Guardians talking about it from time to time, and they are still weighing how best to help The Leader.

      – Brother Oliver

      • Thank you for explaining about Otis’ art thritis. It is terribly upsetting to think the injury may have been caused by the bad place people when we trust them to look after our precious ones!!!

  8. Our Cousin Spade has a criminal record for biting his guardian in front of witnesses. She had to fight to be allowed to keep him. We’re glad that your guardians have decided to cut Thomas a break and give him another chance.

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