The Guardians Took Otis and Thomas!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver here. I’m filling in for Leader Otis because he is gone! The Guardians scooped up Him and Thomas this morning, put them in the little mobile kitty jails and left. I freaked out at first because I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Making matters worse, I couldn’t find Brother Henry for a long time after the Guardians left. I finally found him hiding in the closet and he asked, wide-eyed, “Are they gone?” When I told him they were, he said, “Whew! When they pulled out the kitty jails I thought it was going to be me that had to go to The Bad Place.

After Brother Henry said that, I realized that of course that is where they went. I never think of The Bad Place because I’ve almost never had to go there. Whenever the kitty jail comes out the Guardians always take away Brother Henry, Leader Otis, or both. I guess this morning Thomas got to take his first trip there as well. I can’t say that I envy the little guy.

Brother Henry, now realizing that he wasn’t going to have to take a trip, strolled confidently out of the closet and jumped up on the big cat tree with drawers by the window. He sat in front of a light under which Leader Otis once posed for a picture and said, “While the Leader is away, I will fill in for Him on The Beacon of Hope!”

Henry Beacon of Hope

Brother Henry said that he will fill in as The Beacon of Hope while Leader Otis is away.

A few minutes after Brother Henry started holding his vigil with The Beacon of Hope, we thought we heard a car pulling into the driveway. I said, “Do you think that’s the Guardians? Maybe they forgot something!” At that point, Brother Henry said, “Ummmmmm…I think I’m going to head back to the closet and use The Beacon of Hope from there…you know, because it’s really dark in there and that place could use a beacon…” He then jumped down and ran for the closet. As it turned out, it wasn’t the Guardians’ car we had heard outside after all, but Brother Henry continued to stand by his assertion that the closet was in need of a beacon. Even though he hadn’t actually taken the beacon into the closet with him, I wasn’t in the mood to argue.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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7 responses to “The Guardians Took Otis and Thomas!

  1. rumpydog

    Well, I say whatever works Henry and Oliver.

  2. I was thinking that Thomas might have gone to the bad place to have his neuter but why did Otis go too? My sweet Kip was at the bad place today and I’ll tell you I think it was harder on me than it was on him!!!!

    • The Guardians did seem pretty stressed, Cat’s Cats, and they always do when taking us to The Bad Place. Well, I should say when taking Brother Henry or Leader Otis to The Bad Place. I almost never have to go! 🙂

      – Brother Oliver

  3. Did Otis go along for company, I hope, or is there something going on with him too? Purrs for both just in case!

    • I have noticed that Leader Otis limps more since Thomas came inside, Andrea. He is constantly running up and down the stairs to see Thomas, and it may be irritating the art thritis in his hip. Hopefully I will know more when I see The Leader again.

      – Brother Oliver

  4. I hope they are ok. So scary when the jail thingies come out. They will need lots of head bumps and licky kisses when they get home.

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