The Limbo Ladies Catnip Cotillion

My Disciples,

Well, I managed to fulfill Whisper’s request that I get the Guardians to put catnip out on the sidewalk by My Outdoor Domain. It wasn’t easy. I mean, it’s pretty simple to command them when one of the Limbo kitties is sitting right outside My door. I yowl, they come and look and immediately grab food, catnip or both to offer to the kitty. But with no kitties present, they were very confused. I yowled for more than an hour and one of them finally got exasperated and just threw catnip everywhere. Some of it landed on the sidewalk, at which point I stopped yowling. Mission accomplished.

This morning I rushed outside to My Outdoor Domain first thing to see what Whisper was up to. When I got there, I saw Cookie, Beatrice and Whisper all rolling around in the catnip in some fancy, synchronized, dance-like pattern. I was completely mesmerized and I just plopped Myself down to watch.

Catnip Cotillion 1

When I went outside, Cookie, Beatrice and Whisper were doing some kind of synchronized dance in the catnip on the sidewalk. It was mesmerizing.

The three kitties seemed almost like they were in a trance, moving to music that I couldn’t hear. I thought that if I had some catnip, then I probably could have heard the same music they were hearing. At any rate, they really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Catnip Cotillion 2

Cookie, Whisper and Beatrice seemed to be moving to music I couldn’t hear. The catnip probably helped them hear it.

After watching them for 5 minutes or so, Beatrice rolled over and noticed Me sitting there. She said, “Oh! Hi Leader Otis! I didn’t know that boys were allowed at the Limbo Ladies Catnip Cotillion!” I said, “The what?” And Beatrice replied, “The Limbo Ladies Catnip Cotillion. That’s why we’re all here. Whisper arranged it. It’s great fun, but I’m afraid it’s ladies only…”

Catnip Cotillion 3

Beatrice told Me that what I was watching was the Limbo Ladies Catnip Cotillion. She also told Me that no boys were allowed.

I almost told Beatrice that I was the one who had ensured that catnip would be available for the cotillion, but I thought better of it. I decided that the Limbo Ladies deserved to have their own private party if they wished. Besides, as long as they were all rolling in the catnip on the sidewalk in My backyard, none of them were wandering in the street or getting into other danger elsewhere. In the end I said, “I beg your pardon m’ladies. I will now take My leave. Please carry on.” I then went inside and had My own private party, the Men’s Mid-morning Brunch Bonanza. It was awesome!

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “The Limbo Ladies Catnip Cotillion

  1. 2 cats

    great to see but are they not talking to mama cat or something??

    • Mama Cat said she could not participate in the cotillion because she didn’t want to jeopardize her participation in the fall Catlympics. Apparently, performance enhancing catnip has been banned by the Catlympic committee.

  2. ((sigh)) It’s great to see the girls having a good time. But I still wish they were loved and properly cared for. The Guardians must be very strong to see this day after day. Thanks for keeping an eye on the Limbo kitties.

  3. Dancing to commune with the muses. How kind you are to facilitate, Otis. (glad you had a congenial lunch to soothe feeling of exclusion)

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