Feather Fun Friday

My Disciples,

This morning when I visited Thomas in Kitty Valhalla he was scared and upset. Apparently, someone in the neighborhood was lighting off leftover fireworks from their July 4th explode-a-thon last night, and the booms and bangs had really frightened him. He was hiding in a dark corner and refused to come out. Thinking quickly I said, “Well, I guess you’ll miss out on Feather Fun Friday then…” I heard a gasp come from Thomas’s hiding place, and then he said, “Wha…What is Feather Fun Friday?” I told him that if he came out, I would show him. He tentatively poked his head out from where he was hiding, and then he ran quickly to the kitty jungle gym and jumped up on the hammock.

Once he was on the hammock, Thomas asked, “Now what happens?” I said, see that feather toy underneath you?” He looked down and exclaimed, “Oh yeah!” I said, “Well, it’s Feather Fun Friday, so let’s have fun with it!”

Feather Fun Friday 1

Thomas was scared and wanted to hide. I convinced him to come out by telling him that it was “Feather Fun Friday”.

We spent the next hour playing together with the feather toy. Thomas tensed up once when a car backfired outside, but as soon at I took another swipe at the feather, he joined right in again.

Feather Fun Friday 2

Thomas and I played with the feather toy for over an hour. Whenever he got tense, I refocused his attention on the feather.

Eventually we had played so much, that both of us got tired. Thomas returned to his dark corner, not because he was scared but because he was ready for a nap. I too was ready for a nap, and I went back downstairs to take one. As I drifted off to sleep I made a mental note that Feather Fun Friday needs to become a regular thing for Me and Thomas. I also wondered if I might be able to convince the Guardians to host “Chicken Treat Tuesdays”. Now THAT would be something to help a frightened kitty forget all his troubles…

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Feather Fun Friday

  1. Leader Otis, do you have any idea how old Thomas is? He looks like a small boy, but perhaps that is just because he is laying next to someone with such a large presence as yourself. So glad he is starting to trust you more. Only good things to come for Thomas.

    • Thomas’s former guardians (I hesitate to use the word for them even in it’s lower-case form) got him as a 9 week old kitten last August, so Thomas is just over a year old now. I’m glad he is starting to trust Me too. I think we’re going to be good friends in time. 🙂

  2. Paws crossed for Thomas to find his way…Leader Otis and Brothers Henry and Oliver are really helping Thomas. He is going to be fine in his own time. Sending him some extra Savannah Paw Pats

  3. Fireworks freaks… dont they know they lose the specialness when they do them ALL the time… Not to mention freaking out poor kitties! Yeesh!
    I’m glad you were able to help him relax, Otis!
    And I hope you all get chicken treat tuesdays approved!

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