Wildling Close Encounter Part II- An Even Closer Encounter

My Disciples,

When we left off yesterday, a female Raccoon was eating snails and slugs in the Guardians’ garden. I had just shouted to her to see if she might let Me try one of the tasty snails she was eating. I guess I should have thought a little bit more about what I was doing before I shouted though. Wildlings don’t speak catonese, and they can also sometimes be unpredictable and/or dangerous to cats. In fact, they are one of the many good reasons to keep cats safely confined. And here I had just yelled at one and drawn her attention to us! She looked over with a hard to decipher look in her eyes.

Raccoon looking at Otis and The Brothers

When I yelled at the Raccoon, she looked over at us with a hard to decipher look in her eyes. It made Me uncomfortable. I shouldn’t have drawn her attention to us.

After staring at us for a moment, the Raccoon began to walk toward us! Brother Henry attempted to shove himself between Me and the wire saying, “Get behind me Leader Otis! We don’t know what she plans to do!” I know I should have listened to Brother Henry, but I’m ashamed to say that I resisted a little bit and tried to stay up next to the wire. You see, I kind of thought that the Raccoon might have understood Me and that maybe she was bringing over a tasty snail for Me to try. When she got up close though, I could see that she hadn’t understood a word I said. She seemed to be trying to figure The Brothers and I out though.

Closer Encounter

The Raccoon came up close to look at us. Brother Henry told Me to get behind him, but I resisted in case the Raccoon was going to give Me a tasty snail.

The Raccoon did not give Me a snail. She turned to leave and Brother  Henry breathed a sigh of relief. He said, “Whew! Looks like we’re out of the woods everybody, I think she’s leav……OH NO!” Brother Henry’s sudden concern was due to the fact that Beatrice had come into the yard and the Raccoon was now headed in her direction. I saw this too and shouted, “Run Bea! Run!” But it was too late.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- Wildling Close Encounter Part III- Beatrice In Harm’s Way

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8 responses to “Wildling Close Encounter Part II- An Even Closer Encounter

  1. Leader Otis, you really must learn to let Brother Henry protect you. The wildling would have been no match for that bundle of tabby fury. 🙂

  2. Beware of the masked ones! (but live and let live…..I hope the Raccoon feels the same way.)

    • Yes, they are wily wildlings! I like them though, I mean, as long as I’m in My safe, Outdoor Domain or in the house I like them. They used to scare Me when I was wandering in the wilderness!

  3. This is so exciting I can’t stand it. My ears are switching and my tail is swishing.

  4. Yikes! You sure do the clifhanger thing well….. All fingers and paws crossed for Miss Bea!

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