Thomas Gets A Well Deserved Rest

My Disciples,

I went upstairs to see Thomas in Kitty Valhalla this morning, hoping to spend another day with him playing with the feather toy and making him feel better. When I looked in through the door though, he looked nice and relaxed. In fact, he was napping. He opened his sleepy eyes and looked at Me and said, “Oh, hey Leader Otis…” but then he yawned and went right back to sleep. It almost looked like he was smiling.

Thomas Resting

Thomas was sleeping when I went to visit him in Kitty Valhalla this morning. He also seemed to be smiling.

The best part about seeing Thomas so relaxed was that he was only partly hidden. Up until now, he had been finding only the darkest corners in which to sleep, because he was still feeling like he was in constant danger, and vulnerable if he was exposed while sleeping. I remember feeling that way Myself when I was wandering the wilderness. I actually used to sleep between two garbage cans outside the Guardians’ house because they protected Me from attack while I dozed. I also slept in dark corners for awhile after being swept up in The Capture, but I eventually realized that The Promised Land was a place of safety in which I could fully relax anywhere at any time.

I think Thomas is finally starting to understand that his world has changed for the better. I decided to leave him to enjoy his newfound security and his well deserved rest.

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “Thomas Gets A Well Deserved Rest

  1. HURRAH for Thomas! Maybe he’s started to be less doubtful.

  2. Change, even GOOD change, can take some getting used to, nice to see Thomas feeling a little less vulnerable πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Cat’s Cats. Yep, change is hard, especially for we kitties. We are really big on our routines, and when everything changes it throws us for a loop until we get on a new routine.

  3. Aw, good for Thomas! I hope he continues to feel safe and becomes part of the family soon!

    • Thanks Andrea. He’s making slow but steady progress. I’m sure there will be a little backsliding at first after his upcoming neutering, but then we should be in the home stretch after that.

  4. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Good of you and the brothers to give him space and make him welcome.

  5. Could you and your brothers send some calming thoughts to my new foster mom. Every time I go to visit her she’s in the litter box again *sigh* But it’s only been day three, so I’m sure she hasn’t quite gotten the grasp of life indoors yet.

  6. Thomas is going to be just fine. He is just cautious. You are a good Leader to be so kind and patient.
    When I went back to the shelter to be neutered I was so scared. But then Mama came back that same day and brought me back to the condo. That was when I realized this is my forever home and Mama will always come back for me. Since then I don’t hide under the bed–well if there are loud people here I do. What is it with strange noisy people anyway?

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