The Good and the Bad of Lost Cat Posters

My Disciples,

Many of you have voiced how sad it makes you when I feature lost cat posters in My blog updates. They make Me sad too, but I post them for a reason. Lost cat posters are direct evidence of why it is so important to have a safe confinement plan for your cat. No one wants their cat to go missing, but many people do very little to prevent this from happening. It’s like they don’t really believe it can happen…until it does. The posters that are hung by people who have already lost their cat are flashing warning beacons for those who are not doing all they can to protect their own cats from the dangers of the world.

And yes, as some have pointed out, even safely contained cats will escape sometimes and end up on a lost cat poster. Door dashers do exist, and sometimes they dash out when no one is looking. But if you read every lost cat poster that you encounter, you will see a pattern. Usually they say something like the cat was last seen at the intersection of X and Y streets, or the cat didn’t come home on X date. The Guardians have yet to see a poster that says the cat disappeared from a secure catio, or the cat was last seen in the bedroom at X address.

Here’s a poster that is up in the Guardian’s neighborhood right now. It is for a 7 month old kitty named Tiger who has been missing since June 6. According to the poster, Tiger didn’t come home on that day. Note also that Tiger has not been fixed.

Lost Cat- Tiger

Tiger is missing. I purr that he is someplace safe with people who will keep him that way.

A second poster the Guardians discovered recently in the neighborhood was for two cats, a brother and sister, that disappeared together. It doesn’t mention whether they were safely contained before they went missing, but I think the odds are against it.

Lost cat poster- panda bandit and sister

Panda Bandit and Mini Nubian are missing. I purr that they are someplace safe.

A third poster that is currently up in the neighborhood actually has some good news. A small kitten was found and taken inside by people that were concerned for his safety. Kudos to them for being true cat Guardians.

found cat poster- tuxedo kitten-1

This tuxedo kitten was found and taken inside by a caring person. Thanks to them the kitten is currently safe.

So, if you are a longtime Disciple of Otis, odds are you already keep your cats safely contained. So I can understand why these posters simply instill sadness or frustration and why you might be tempted to just tune them out. But I would hope, instead, that you would see them as a call to action. Every face on these posters should be used as motivation to help spread The Good Word about keeping cats healthy, happy and safely confined. And if you know people who are not currently doing all that they can to keep their own cats safely confined, share these lost cat posts with them. They are the ones that need to see the potential consequences of their actions so they can change before it is too late.

I truly am sorry for any sadness that seeing the lost cat posters may cause, but My ultimate goal is to raise awareness of how commonly unconfined kitties go missing so that people will take the steps necessary to protect their own cats from that fate. I hope that one day I will no longer have any lost cat posters to share on The Blog of Otis, but I can’t reach this goal without help. I hope you will all join Me in My efforts so that together we can make the world a better, safer place for all felinekind.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “The Good and the Bad of Lost Cat Posters

  1. Two my cats, Ben (2009) and Archie (2010) came to us from Toronto Animal Services and were found wandering the city streets as kittens about five months old. TAS neutered them and put them up for adoption. They were both beautiful and healthy with silky coats and bright eyes, I can’t imagine why they would be let out!!! Were they discarded, were they escapees? I’ll never know but someone else’s loss was our gain….twice!!!

    • Some wandering kittens have been abandoned (like Thomas) while others might be the offspring of feral cats (like Me). Still others might just be left outside and they get chased by something or wander off on their own and get lost. I’m so glad you found Ben and Archie and brought them in from the wilderness. Thanks for being a true cat Guardian!

  2. It is my worst nightmare that somehow my three precious, dearly loved, formerly feral kitties would ever get out and be lost. They are only ever outdoors when on a harness and leash in the fenced backyard, or in their own securely enclosed catio, but accidents can and do happen. And in fact, a few years ago, when we just had the two cats, an overnight guest did not securely close and lock the front door when she went out to grab something from her car late at night. I was woken at 2 am by one of the dogs barking to alert me at the back door, and there was Tanner, meowing to be let in. I’m still not sure how he got into the backyard since it’s got a six foot privacy fence around it, and I’m still not sure why Olivia didn’t decide to wander outside along with him, but I still consider it a miracle that all ended as well as it did. And the next time that same friend came to stay, I locked all the cats in the bedroom with us at night.

    • I’m so glad that Tanner let you know he was in trouble and you were able to get him back inside where he was safe! Had you not been so vigilant to begin with, you might not have noticed his predicament so quickly. Thanks for being a true cat Guardian!

  3. I once posted a poster of a cat I found. She was a declawed himalayn, beautiful and tame. I figured she got out accidentally. After weeks, I got a call from someone a few doors away. It had been his mother’s cat and when she went into a nursing home, he took the kitty. But he didnt care enough to track her down she she excaped. I found out later that she had been wandering the neighborhood for weeks, terrorizing the neighborhood dogs and ruling the block. He did not want her back and was glad when I said I’d keep her. She never went out again, and was happy to be indoors. I think, because she had someone who loved her and cuddled her, she no longer felt the need to escape. She even got along with the kitties already in the house, once she established that she would be the top cat now.
    Unfortunately she was very old and we did not have her nearly long enough. I still miss her, but I know she had a very happy last few years, all indoor. Most likely she had a great long life with her first owner, all indoor, with only a blip of the uncaring son in the middle of both good homes.
    I guess I’m saying, yes, keep them indoors! And grab up ones who are outdoors and shouldnt be. You might save a life.

    • So sad that the kitty was neglected by his former Guardian’s son, but it makes Me very happy that she was able to find a new, loving and safe home with you. Thanks so much for helping a kitty in need and for being a true cat Guardian!

  4. Batya

    You are so wise, Leader Otis. We Disciples need to share these posts about Missing Kitties with people who allow their cats to wander. What happened to Tanner almost happened to one of my cats, Kismet. I had a house guest who thought I was being paranoid about my cats escaping (I kept them in my bedroom if I wasn’t home but my cousin was–didn’t trust him to be as careful as I am, despite his best intentions). We got home one evening after an afternoon out and about, and I heard Kismet cry. He does this sometimes, wanting attention, so I called him and anticipated his coming downstairs as he usually does. When he cried again a minute later, I went to investigate. He had darted into my cousin’s room a moment before we left and gotten shut in, only my cousin hadn’t noticed. But Kizzy made my point: a cat can get through a door in less than a heartbeat, often unseen. We are both lucky the door he darted through was a bedroom door, and not a door to the wide world outdoors. Doors and windows need constant vigilence with a cat in residence.

    • I’m so glad that Kismet was still inside and was found safe and sound. Thanks for your vigilance in keeping kitties safe, Batya, and for being a true kitty Guardian!

  5. this just makes me want to cry

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