The New Window Disappoints

My Disciples,

Yesterday Brother Henry and I entered the kitchen to discover a window we had never seen before. Brother Henry was super excited, and immediately jumped up on a chair to look out the window. When he looked out though, he was very disappointed by what he saw. I asked him if he saw squirrels and birds and trees and stuff, but he said, “No. All I see is something that looks like the cat tree that the Guardians eat on, and the cold thingy that they put our leftover canned food in. Weird.”

Henry Window

Brother Henry looked out the window but said he didn’t see anything interesting.

That sounded pretty boring to Me, so when Brother Henry jumped down I didn’t even want to take a turn looking out the new window. The Guardians must have realized that the new window wasn’t up to our standards, because when we entered the kitchen later it was gone. I assume they are out right now shopping for a replacement. Hopefully they can find a window through which we can see nothing but tiny bunnies and crunchy little birds. Now that would be a window worth looking through!

So Sayeth Otis

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6 responses to “The New Window Disappoints

  1. Humans…. ya gotta always keep an eye on ’em!

  2. Hmm, defective window… I do hope you get the tiny bunny/crunchy birdy window instead! MOL

  3. That window sort of sounds like the windows my Mama calls mirrors. Boring.

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