I Hope You Are Inclined to Scratch Me

My Disciples,

The Guardians, in their wisdom, have supplied Me with a special box that I can use to indicate when I would like some scratches. It says “Incline Cat Scratcher” on the side, which clearly means that when I lay in the box, you should be inclined to scratch Me. It even has a hole for My tail so it doesn’t get all scrunched up in the corner!

Incline Cat Scratcher

This is My box that inclines you to scratch Me.

I’m not sure where they found this wondrous box, but I am almost certain it is the greatest invention in the history of everything, ever. Now, if you’ll excuse Me My Disciples, I am going to go sit in My box and await My scratches. You should scratch your kitties too, if you are so inclined.

So Sayeth Otis

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13 responses to “I Hope You Are Inclined to Scratch Me

  1. Miaowsers !
    What a GREAt box you got there , Otis !

  2. Otis, the Guardians have outdone themselves. The hole for your tail is such a thoughtful touch.

  3. June Buggie wants to know where he can get one of those amazing boxes!

    • I think the Guardians got it at someplace called “The Store”. I guess they have all kinds of cool things there. When the box first got here though, the cardboard bed in the middle was all slanty. Then, some children visited our house and one of them stepped on it which flattened it out. Now it’s perfectly level so I can lay on it!

  4. ahahah Your Guardians are so brilliant!
    I could spend all my day scratching my kitties!

  5. A truly great idea. Obviously, a cat is behind the idea, as opposed to a human!

  6. I love the tail hole 🙂 When Pebble wants me to scratch her she just jumps on me. Several times a day 🙂

  7. Leader Otis, now that is a BOX to beat all boxes! And hole for your tail!!! I totally luvluvluv it!!!

  8. Much better after the redesign! And the hole is perfect if you need to peek through to see why the guardians aren’t rushing to attend to your needs!

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