Showing My Solidarity With Thomas

My Disciples,

I know it is going to be a long haul with Thomas. He has been neglected and betrayed in the past, so his trust will ultimately be hard for the Guardians to gain. But as you saw yesterday, they are already making progress. I have no doubt that they will succeed, especially since I will be helping them.

In the meantime though, Thomas is still frightened and uncomfortable. I have decided that as long as he is uncomfortable, I should show My solidarity by being uncomfortable too. To that end, I have once again turned to The Sacred Brick of Piety. I shall lay My head upon it daily and attempt to nap. Perhaps the discomfort I feel will remind Me of what Thomas is going through and allow Me to be even more empathetic.

Otis Brick of Piety

I shall lay My head upon The Sacred Brick of Piety to show My solidarity with the discomfort Thomas is feeling.

But don’t worry, My Disciples. I am not being pious in an unsafe manner. You see, while I endure the hard, rough texture of The Sacred Brick, Brother Henry watches over Me. If anyone gets too close and threatens to interrupt My piousness, Brother Henry will step in and dish out some discomfort of his own!

Henry and Otis Brick of Piety

Brother Henry watches over Me as I get all pious.

So now, if you will excuse Me, I am going back to The Brick to once again get My pious on. This solidarity stuff can be really hard on the neck.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Showing My Solidarity With Thomas

  1. Leader Otis, again you are so strong to support Thomas by causing self so much discomfort on The Sacred Rock of Piety. Paw bows to Sir. We will watch and take notes on all the strategies you and Your Guardians use to move Thomas into his recovery from peep caused trauma. I will be conducting interviews with adult cat survivors of trauma over summer and begin posting in late Summer. We all have much to learn from your example. Paw pats, Savannah

  2. you are a true leader!

  3. Oh Otis.. I can’t help but love you!

  4. Chris

    What a great and merciful leader you are, Otis.

  5. Linda

    I just have so much fun reading these every day…always puts a smile on my face no matter how bad the day seems…read it to my two boys as well and they also very much enjoy…my Gen. Lee looks a lot like Otis and he thinks that is fun.

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