Tomorrow is Dependence Day!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here, filling in for Leader Otis as he continues to recover from his chickened banana bender. Today, I would like to remind you all that tomorrow is Dependence Day, also known as The Fourth of Mewly. Here’s what Dependence Day is all about:

Dependence Day- The Fourth of Mewly

Dependence Day is a day to recognize the relationship that has evolved between humans and domestic cats. Domestic cats depend on humans to provide them with the care, protection and affection that they require to survive. Domestic cats should never be left to fend for themselves in the world at large. They need your help, and Dependence Day is the day to renew your commitment to help any lost, abandoned or feral domestic cats that you encounter.

Dependence Day Oliver

Dependence Day is tomorrow. Join us in celebrating the relationship that has evolved between cats and humans, and in reaffirming your commitment to help kitties in need.

Now, in the United States, July 4 is also a National Holiday called Independence Day. Many Americans celebrate this day by trying to out-explode one another. Seriously! They spend all day and half the night throwing or shooting explosives all around, setting their neighbors roof on fire and generally reeking havoc. The Leader, Brother Henry and I are safely inside the house when all of this is going on, but strays, ferals and Limbo kitties (and some dogs) are all caught out there in the middle of the commotion. I’ve even heard that sick people sometimes do mean things to animals with the explosives. It’s never safe for a kitty to be free roaming, but on July 4 in the United States it is even less safe than usual. And this is one thing on which cats and dogs agree: Independence Day is terrifying.

Be sure to keep your kitties (and dogs too) safely contained during tomorrow’s fireworks. And, if you don’t already keep them contained all the time, think of tomorrow as the first day of the rest of your kitties safely contained life. If you can do it tomorrow, you can do it every day, right? Embrace their dependence and become a true kitty Guardian.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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4 responses to “Tomorrow is Dependence Day!

  1. I have to say I am a bit disappointed. I thought Dependence Day was to be about how humans are depending on us kitties to supervise their life. Oh, well, in that case I guess everyday is Dependence Day!

  2. Psyche and Liya, the felines in my garden, have requested that it be pointed out how we too, completely helpless from protecting our gardens from rabbits, our compost from hoardes of mice, our pools from frogs and also our bulb gardens from being redesigned by squirrels, are dependent on their kindness to look after these matters for us.

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