The Leader Has A Headache

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver here. The Leader regained consciousness about four hours after Brother Henry and I confiscated His chickened bananas yesterday. When He came to, we convinced Him to head upstairs to Kitty Valhalla and relax on the Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness. He did as we asked, but he followed a circuitous route to get there which I am almost certain was a veiled effort to find where Brother Henry and I had hidden the bananas. When he finally plopped down on the cloud, he let out a mournful yowl and said weakly, “My head hurts….” He then fell into a deep but troubled slumber.

Otis Headache

Leader Otis is currently recuperating on the Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness in Kitty Valhalla. He has a headache.

Brother Henry and I knew that Leader Otis would go right back to the bananas at the first opportunity, so while he was catatonic we both hacked up hairballs all over them. When the Guardians discovered the mess, they got rid of the bananas for us.

For now, the worst seems to be over. The Leader is still in for a hard week of catnip withdrawal though, so I’m not sure when he will be able to resume his blogging. Until he’s able to do so, Brother Henry and I got you covered.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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6 responses to “The Leader Has A Headache

  1. Oh, Oliver, please take care of Brother Otis until he is returned to his full leaderlike capacity!

  2. Good job getting the bananas confiscated! Yakk works wonders.

  3. Holy cow it was a bender of epic proportions!!!! So glad Otis has good cats around him to help him get straight again 🙂

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