Brother Oliver is Trying to Reason With The Leader

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry

Brother Henry

Brother Henry here. As Brother Oliver has already informed you, The Leader has jumped off the wagon and is on a banana bender. Brother Oliver has been trying to reason with Him all afternoon to convince Him to give up the bananas. He started off by saying, “Leader Otis. There are a lot of kitties out there that are depending on You to speak up on their behalf. These bananas won’t help You do that. In fact, whenever You are on the catnip bananas You stop doing everything else. Does that seem healthy to You?” The Leader would hear none of it though. He just gathered all the bananas up in front of Him to keep Brother Oliver from trying to take them.

Otis hoarding bananas

Brother Oliver is trying to reason with Leader Otis, but The Leader is having none of it.

Brother Oliver continued to press his point, but The Leader buried His face in the bananas and said, “What’s that Brother Oliver? I should use more catnip bananas? Why Yes! I think I will! Ahhhhh Yeah! They smell so good when it hits your nose!”

Otis hoarding bananas 2

Leader Otis is completely ignoring Brother Oliver and losing himself in the bananas.

I can see that Brother Oliver is going to require a little assistance, and Leader Otis is going to require a little tough love, so I’m going to go see what I can do to help. Purr for our Leader, Disciples of Otis. He needs all the help He can get right now.

So Says Brother Henry

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10 responses to “Brother Oliver is Trying to Reason With The Leader

  1. Time for a Bananervention!

  2. oh my! if he can’t get the patch to work through his fur, maybe he could try using a subtitute, like errrrr, ummm, ahhhh…oh yeah, I’ve got it…see if you can get Leader Otis to hang onto some apples, or prunes or maybe even some green beans…anything to take his mind off the bananas

    • Hmmmmmm…I’m not sure if that would help, Savannah. I don’t think it would treat the underlying psychological causes of The Leader’s banana-dependence.

      – Brother Oliver

      • oohhh…that’s right…he was overcome with dismay at his own, well…ummm…lack of cathleticism at his own Catlympic Training Camp, right? hmmmm…perhaps he must spend time in meditation on what he must do to enhance his current svelte body. So sorry to mention it…but ‘svelte’ is not quite the descriptor I would apply to Leader Otis’ I know it is mostly muscle weight, but that belly!…seriously hinders his ability to get his butt off the ground..ok, there I have said it…runs away and hides with paws over nose and eyes…sigh

  3. Brother Henry, looking at the second photograph, I’m not so sure that Brother Oliver might not be succumbing to the powerful scent of the banana. I would keep a watchful eye to be certain that he does not follow in the footsteps of the Leader gone astray.

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