Another Try With the Sneaky Cam

My Disciples,

In our continuing quest to find out what the heck is going on in our yard at night, Brother Oliver recharged the camera’s battery and reset his little motion-triggered trap. Unfortunately though, we only managed to get one photo again! This time the camera ceased to function because something knocked it over, but first it captured this bizarre image.

Weirdness in the night 2

Our motion-triggered camera caught this image before it was knocked over and deactivated.

Again we see Beatrice front and center. I think I can make out Mama Cat in the background on her brick again, and I’m pretty sure I see Thomas’s ear back there in the cold frame. Most interesting of all though is that there appears to be a strange object floating in the air in the upper left corner. I have decided that I MUST know what is happening out there at night and I can no longer rely on Brother Oliver’s sneaky cam to give Me the answers. Tonight I will find a way to stay out in My Outdoor Domain after dark so I can see firsthand what these Limbo kitties are up to!

So Sayeth Otis

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9 responses to “Another Try With the Sneaky Cam

  1. We know what they’re doing! Ha ha!!!

  2. This is an AWESOME picture of Beatrice in motion/at play. She is amazing.

  3. I hope you can stay outside tonight so we all can figure out what is happening in your garden at night 🙂

  4. 2 cats

    I think Mama Cat may be behind all this……..

  5. ummm…I know I already commented on the next post and ya know what was goin’ on…but lemme ask this Leader Otis…who is handling the Training Bird???…hmmmmm….ya better figure that one out…I have my suspicions…but await your investigation

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