Weirdness in the Night

My Disciples,

Ever since Brother Oliver mistook Beatrice for a ghost the night before last, I have been wondering what she was doing out in the yard in the dark. She wasn’t around all day yesterday so I never got the chance to ask her. Just before the Guardians were about to close off access to My outdoor domain yesterday evening I had an idea. I asked Brother Oliver to set up a camera with a motion sensor on it. I thought that if Beatrice returned, maybe we’d be able to get a photo of what she was doing.

Unfortunately, Brother Oliver forgot to check the camera’s battery level when he set up our little photo trap. We did get a photo, but only one, and this new photo created more questions than it answered.

Weirdness in the night

Here is the single photo we captured. There’s Beatrice…and is that Mama Cat in the background? And look! Thomas is there too! What is going on!?

The photo shows Beatrice once again sitting in the middle of the yard, but it also shows Thomas sitting next to her. In the Background, Mama Cat is sitting on top of her favorite brick. What are they doing? Why are they coming to our yard at night? I mean, if their guardians are going to keep them outside at night, at least they will be somewhat safer in our yard rather than wandering the streets. But still, I know they’re up to something, and I intend to find out what it is!

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Weirdness in the Night

  1. Looks like they are having a midnight cat meeting…we’ve heard of such events but didn’t know they really existed (outside of our own living room)!!!! How exciting that Brother Oliver has caught one in progress 🙂

    • Hmmmm…The Brothers and I sometimes have midnight cat meetings. We are usually trying to decide exactly how early we will wake the Guardians to give us our breakfast.

  2. My Mama would be beside herself with worry if I wasn’t home in bed with her at night. What are their Guardians thinking? Are they really Guardians?

  3. Oh My Cat!!! Are they plotting to take over your Outdoor Domain??? Maybe they now realize that what you have is way better than what they have…and now they want what you have????…or…maybe…errrr…ummm…lemme think about this…I may be confused…hmmmm….

    • Hmmmmm…I hadn’t thought of that possibility, Savannah. I wish they could join Me in My Outdoor Domain…or at least I wish their guardians would build them domains of their very own…

  4. Maybe they are guarding your domain, Otis? SInce your guardians are so kind, maybe they are keeping watch trying return the favor? (You know they must be grateful)

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