The Sacred Bed of Embigening

My Disciples,

As you are aware, I am much smaller than both Brothers Henry and Oliver. This is mostly due to My incredible svelteness, but it is also because My growth was stunted by My early days as a kitten wandering alone in the wilderness. This has never been a source of insecurity for Me, but I have often wondered what it would feel like to be 16.5 pounds of tabby fury like Brother Oliver, or 17 pounds of tabby fury like Brother Henry. Well, the Guardians must have sensed that I was wondering these things because they placed a bed in Kitty Valhalla that magically gives Me the feeling that I am much larger! I have dubbed it “The Sacred Bed of Embigening”.

Sacred Bed of Embigening

The Sacred Bed of Embigening allows Me to experience what it would be like to be a much bigger kitty.

I must say, it has been quite enlightening to lay in The Sacred Bed of Embigening and experience what life must be like for larger kitties. I mean, I couldn’t even tuck myself into it all the way! My paws got cold! Brothers Oliver and Henry must feel this way even in a normal, non-embigening bed, so, more than anything else, The Sacred Bed of Embigening made Me realize how much The Brothers must appreciate it when I squeeze into a bed with them. Clearly I must provide them with much needed foot-warming. That’s probably why they always sigh so loudly when I cram Myself in next to them! It just makes Me feel good to know that I am providing them such a valuable service. After all, My High Priests are worth it.

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “The Sacred Bed of Embigening

  1. Batya

    That’s one thing I really admire about you, Leader Otis: you’re always thinking of others. No matter the personal sacrifice, you are there to keep Brothers Henry and Oliver’s feet warm. I hope they appreciate how considerate you are.

  2. Awww , Otis you just are to sweet 🙂

  3. My kitty Amber has a bed she could trade with Otis lol….it’s huge for her. I make beds out of old towels and the “kids” love them.

    • A towel bed! That sounds great! Especially if the towels just came out of the clothes warming machine…

      • It’s a great way to recycle old towels. I cut 2 round or square pieces out of them and sew them together like a pillow, stuff them with pillow stuffing and sew shut. Easy to keep clean and they don’t seem to collect hair as badly as traditional beds do.

      • That sounds great! I shall pass this info along to the Guardians and demand a comfy, towlie bed!

  4. oh dear Leader Otis…be careful you do not become to embiggened…your svelteness is…errrr…ummm…wellll…ahhhh….well, it is ‘known’…so you don’t want to alter that perception of your disciples, right??? (waving paw in front of face as small drops of sweat drip down….)

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