Sneaky Sunday

My Disciples,

Shhhhhhhhh…be very, very quiet. I have declared this “Sneaky Sunday”, a day dedicated to practicing The Art of Sneaky. Earlier, I challenged Brother Oliver to find Me after giving Me a five minute head start to conceal Myself with My sneaky powers. He thought it would be easy! He thought wrong. At one point, in My outdoor domain, I was literally right under his nose. He probably could have heard My heart beating if I had not used Kitty Ninja Focus to slow it to a near-silent murmur.

Otis focusing

Brother Oliver would have detected Me if I was not using Kitty Ninja Focus.

Wait! I think I hear Brother Oliver approaching. Sorry, My Disciples, but the game is still afoot. I must go and conceal Myself once more and possibly stage another of My devastating sneak attacks! Wish Me luck…and have a sneaky Sunday…

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Sneaky Sunday

  1. Pssst, Oliver… BEHIND YOU! Sorry Otis, couldn’t resist.

  2. your sneakiness is incredible! I have to train for that…how you do that is a total validation of your Leaderly abilities…nice!

  3. I love the Sneaky Sunday idea! (Whispering)

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