Skitty is Lost!

My Disciples,

Just two days ago I informed you that Pierre had gone missing. I wish I could say that Pierre was the last kitty that ever went missing ever…but I can’t. It happens again, and again, and again. Today I must inform you that yet another of My fellow felines has gone missing. The Guardians found a single, bright orange poster announcing the disappearance of Skitty less than a block from our house.

Lost Cat- Skitty

Skitty is lost. I purr that he is some place safe.

With the arrival of warm temperatures and sunny weather, kitties are going to want to go outside and guardians are going to want to let them. There’s nothing wrong with letting kitty outside, but there is something wrong with letting him outside with nothing to safely contain him. If you don’t give kitty safe boundaries (an enclosed catio, a harness and leash, cat-proof fencing around your yard, etc.) then you are actively putting kitty in danger, and you are 100% responsible if kitty goes missing because of that.

Don’t treat your cats like they are disposable. Give them safe boundaries just as you would a young child. They need your guidance and protection just as badly.

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “Skitty is Lost!

  1. sherry

    Please inform the Guardians to tell Skitty’s people that Skitty is probably very close and very quiet. That’s what kitties do when they’re frightened. He’s tabby so he’s also invisible. They should look most carefully under shrubs very close to their house.

  2. I wonder why more of these cats don’t end up at your house Otis… I would think they would gravitate toward a responsible leader with a staff like yours.

  3. Claudine Erlandson

    Bless you Otis for speaking out for these lost Kitties…Poor Babies…It is not their fault…but it’s about their guardians who are not very responsible…

  4. I hope they find him fast!!
    This is exactly why my kitties don’t go outside… I’m scared they’d get lost and I’d never see them again.

  5. These posts are a public service and I purr some of these lost souls will find their way home. It is so heart-breaking to know that kitties continue to be lost. Please keep spreading the Good Word.

  6. Kitties complain and want to go outside – because they don’t know! Purring them all safe.

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