No More Leniency for Brother Oliver

My Disciples,

As you know, Brother Oliver has been having a little photography fun at My expense in the last few days. Although I was annoyed with him, I was not yet ready to take action to correct his behavior. Well, today that has all changed. Brother Henry told Me that he and Brother Oliver were sitting on the cat tree in the front window this morning and Brother Oliver was bragging about how he had tricked Me twice. He was even having a good laugh about it!

Brother Oliver Laughing

Brother Henry told Me that Brother Oliver was bragging and laughing about the tricks he played on Me.

While I usually do believe that revenge is a dish best served cold, this insolence by Brother Oliver cannot stand. I think, just this once, I shall have to serve Brother Oliver a big, steaming plate of piping hot revenge! Then we shall see who has the last laugh.

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “No More Leniency for Brother Oliver

  1. Oh Lordy! Light blue touch paper and stand well back 😀

  2. Oh no. Hiding behind the couch almost afraid to look – too curious not to!

  3. Ooooh a cliff-hanger or maybe it’s a cat tree-hanger. My whiskers are twitching in anticipation.

  4. uh oh…. this will not be pleasant for Brother Oliver…

  5. Oh Dog! Now you done it Brother Oliver!

  6. ummm….Leader Otis…remember…Bro Oli’ is sort’a like, well ya know…your sekurity staff…so don’t jump too fast…one paw at a time

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