Brother Oliver Tricked Me Again

My Disciples,

After Brother Oliver took that bad photo of Me the other day, he said he felt bad and wanted to make it up to Me. He said he would take a real photo that accurately captured My handsomeness. He set up all of his camera equipment, directed Me to pose on top of the cat tree with the drawers in it again, and then began messing around with camera settings. He said, “Ready? One…two…three!”

As he reached three, I was blinded by the light of a thousand white-hot suns. Brother Oliver began giggling uncontrollably as I sat there seeing spots.

Otis Blinding Flash

Brother Oliver said he wanted to take a real photo of Me. Instead he blinded Me with the light of a thousand white-hot suns.

When My vision returned, Brother Oliver was gone. I don’t know why he continues to dig himself deeper into this hole. He must know that My patience only goes so far. Perhaps he has forgotten what happened in the past when he exhibited such insolence. For now, I will let him have his fun, but eventually Brother Oliver shall answer for his actions. Then we shall see who has the last laugh…

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “Brother Oliver Tricked Me Again

  1. What a prankster! Bet he’s in deep do dos!

  2. 2 cats

    Otis are you sure brother Oliver hasn’t been artisticly trying to depict the Light and Dark sides of your purrsonality?

  3. Batya

    Leader Otis, you are so pale! I’m sure you are not getting enough snacks. I think you’d better have Brother Oliver’s share too, until you regain some color in that handsome face.

  4. Dear Brother Oliver….. Hell hath no fury like a kitty scorned. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  5. ummm…err…again Leader Otis…ya kind’a outta maybe like not trust bro’ Oliver quite so much. I worry about you Leader…we need you…perhaps a catitude adjustment is in order for bro’ Oliver???? just wonderin’….

    • I guess I have trouble seeing when he’s trying to fool Me, SPT. After all, he and Brother Henry were instrumental in convincing Me that it was actually great to live within safe boundaries. Now that I’m living within safe boundaries though, I guess I better be a little more suspicious of Brother Oliver!

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