Brother Oliver’s Portrait of Me

My Disciples,

Because of the two recent posts highlighting the handsomeness of Brothers Henry and Oliver, I was feeling a little left out. I asked Brother Oliver if he would take a photo of Me and try to make Me appear handsome too. Brother Oliver got very excited and said, “Of course I will Leader Otis!” He then dragged his camera equipment into the living room and told Me to jump up on the cat tree with the drawers in front of the window. He told Me where to sit and then he started adjusting settings on the camera (which is hard for him because he doesn’t have fingers or thumbs). He then began to snap photos.

I thought it was odd at first that whenever Brother Oliver snapped a photo he would giggle a little bit. I decided that it was just because he loves photography so much and he was giddy that I had asked him to take My photo. I asked him if I was looking handsome, and he said, “Oh yes, Leader Otis! These will be the most handsome photos anyone has ever taken of You!” Then he broke up in a fit of laughter. Again, I thought it was just because he was so excited about taking My photo. Later in the day though, he unveiled the finished photo that he calls, “The Handsomeness of The Leader”. He said he thought that he had made Me as handsome as he possibly could…then he started laughing again.

The Handsomeness of The Leader

Brother Oliver’s photo “The Handsomeness of The Leader”.

Needless to say, The Leader is not amused. I’m afraid that I may once again have to ask My Muscle, Brother Henry, to adjust Brother Oliver’s attitude. I will not abide this insolence!

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Portrait of Me

  1. MOL, ok, yeah we agree, he was having fun at your expense! We say make him try again!

  2. Batya

    You’ve heard of tall, dark, and handsome? I think that’s what Brother Oliver captured in your photo.

  3. That was just mean!

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