Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #10

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver has completed the 10th image in his ongoing self-portrait series, and I’m pretty sure this is a direct response to the fact that everyone thinks Brother Henry is so handsome. And why do I think this? Well, for one thing, Brother Oliver calls this image “The Handsomeness of Brother Oliver”. Here’s the image:

The Handsomeness of Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #10: The Handsomeness of Brother Oliver

I guess Brother Oliver is kind of handsome. After all, he’s Brother Henry’s brother, so I think a little bit of Brother Henry’s handsome might have rubbed off on him. What do you think?

So Sayeth Otis

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30 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #10


  2. Brother Oliver is indeed very handsome. Also a very talented self-portraitist.

  3. Oh yaye, he is one handsome dude =^..^=

  4. hey,hey, hey…what a guy! pawsomely studly! And check out that fab white beard he has!….oh, is a beard, right? Not a little chin roll??? No, no, I am sure of it now…it is a wondrful white beard!

  5. Batya

    Of course he’s handsome, he’s a grey tabby. (In my dictionary, under Handsome, it says: “See Grey tabby.”) You’re all handsome, Leader Otis.

  6. I think this self-portrait shows a more introspective side to Brother Oliver. I like it.

  7. I think you’re all handsome! Could there be a series of everyone’s self portraits?

  8. Brother Oliver looks a bit Jame Bond-ish here. Handsome and debonair.

  9. Just oozes charisma. Maybe when Brother Oliver head butts Brother Henry he knocks some of that handsomeness off onto himself?

  10. He is certainly very handsome. I’d not be able to choose which of the 3 of you is most handsome. And very cuddly looking πŸ™‚

  11. I agree, he is very handsome indeed. That little shiny white whisker above his eye makes my whimper.

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