Domino is Growing

My Disciples,

Just the other day I heard the Guardians talking about the Limbo kitty Domino. Dom’s been a frequent visitor to My yard ever since we moved here two years ago. His guardians make him stay outside almost all the time, and he’s always been a bit of an edgy kitty because of that. Well, the Guardians of Otis have been working with Domino for awhile now, and I guess recently he’s become a lot less flighty and a lot less bitey, both indications that his stress level has dropped a bit. But when the Guardians were talking, they said that, “Domino really seems to be growing.” They seemed to think that this “growth” was because they were meeting more of Domino’s needs for love, security and safety.  I saw something that makes Me think he might be growing for a different reason though.

Domino Growing

The Guardians say Domino is growing. I think I know the real reason why.

See what I mean? Dom’s been hanging out in the garden…inside the cold frame no less. The Guardians say that the plants in the cold frame grow better than the ones outside because it stays warmer in there. Since Domino has been sitting inside the cold frame, I bet that’s why he’s growing! Or at the very least, I bet it has helped him grow faster. Of course, it hasn’t helped the Guardians’ lettuce at that end of the cold frame grow any faster, but I’m sure they would be just fine knowing they were sacrificing those greens in favor of Domino’s continued growth.

So Sayeth Otis

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9 responses to “Domino is Growing

  1. oh cat! I can SEE him growing in that photo…look again, seriously…ya can see him gettin’ longer and his tail is getting darker…hmmm…maybe the tail is just dirty?? Well, whatever…I can still see him growin’…be careful Mr Otis…don’t you get in that growing bed thingy…ya don’t really wanna get any bigger–if ya know what I mean??…just a thought

  2. Domino is a very handsome lad! Kitties do love their greens! 🙂

  3. MOL, now that’s the way to grow a kitty!

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