Two Black Cats Are Missing!

My Disciples,

When the Guardians visited The Bad Place to pick up the prescription food that The Brothers and I eat to prevent us from getting Bathroom Demons, they discovered that two male, black cats had gone missing. They are both long-haired, and they had recently received lion cuts.

Lost Cat Poster- Two Black Cats

Two black cats with lion cuts have gone missing. I purr that they are someplace safe and warm.

It’s horrible when a cat disappears. Two at once is even worse. Think of how it must feel to be in the shoes of the guardians that made this poster. What if it was the face of your own kitty looking back at you from the page?

If you are not keeping your cat safely contained, you are gambling with your kitty’s life every time you let him or her leave the house. Please don’t gamble with your cat’s life. Do the right thing and keep all of your kitties safely contained.

So Sayeth Otis




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14 responses to “Two Black Cats Are Missing!

  1. How do two cats from the same home (assume they are) go missing at the same time? Were they stolen? Poor things 😦

    • That is a good question, Animalcouriers. I too wonder if they were stolen. If they were, I hope it was by someone that was concerned for their welfare and that they re-homed them with Guardians that would keep them safely contained.

  2. We are praying for their safe return. Thank you for the kind reminder about protecting kitties. I wish more guardians were as responsible as yours.

  3. Batya

    Hoping they are safe and still together.

  4. Both my girls are indoor kitties! I hope these beauties are returned safely soon! This morning we saw a little one deceased on the side of the road…a harsh reminder of why it’s best to keep kitties inside.

  5. Oh, my! We shall inform RC who will no doubt issue instructions to purr for their safe return!
    There are so many pets stolen here – blogging photos and posting about it has lead to recovering many of them. (Can you give a city?)
    The lost kitties thank you for including their pictures so people can watch for them. At least they have tags.

    • Thank RC for Me, Phil. We actually have a blog right here in My city with a lost pets bulletin board. All of these posters go on that board so that the locals can keep their eyes peeled.

  6. Hear, hear Otis!!!! Those poor babies, it just breaks my heart 😦

  7. Posters like that confirm my belief of keeping my 3 kits indoors. And just when I start feeling guilty that they don’t get to go out and play in the grass, you remind me why.

    • And there are many ways to give them the experience of playing in the grass without exposing them to risk, Msmouse7. Building a catio, training them to walk on a lead, or even just supervised play in a well-enclosed yard, all of these things can allow kitty some enrichment. It need not be a choice between complete freedom and complete confinement.

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