Stanley Is Not So Unstable

My Disciples,

You may recall past blog posts about The Mighty Stanley, including one that speculated on why he seemed to be so unstable. Well, I have noticed in recent days that Stanley has been visiting My yard a lot more and that he hasn’t been so grumpy with the Guardians. I found this to be curious, but not as curious as what happened this morning. When I went into My Outdoor Domain today, Stanley actually walked up, sat down and addressed Me directly!  This was the first time Stanley has so much as acknowledged My existence!  I was beginning to think that maybe he didn’t believe in the dogma of The Cult of Otis.  I thought that he might be catheist, or maybe a catnostic or something.

Stanley at door

Stanley approached My Outdoor Domain and addressed Me directly this morning!

When Stanley spoke, his voice was much softer than I expected.  He said, “Leader Otis? Ummm…I heard that you were the cat to ask if I wanted to get some catnip. Is that true?”

Fearing that Stanley might suddenly become angry and violent as he sometimes does, I laid down on My side and played it casual. I said, “First of all, nice to finally meet you Stanley. Second, yes, it’s true that I can command the Guardians to deliver catnip, but I won’t do so if you are going to attack them when they come out there. I’ve seen you lash out at them in the past. I’m not judging you for that because I know you have a lot of stress in your life as a Limbo Kitty, but My Guardians keep Me safe, and I want to return the favor.”

Stanley at door, Otis laying down

I laid down and played it casual. I wanted to make sure that Stanley stayed nice and calm as we talked.

Stanley looked very embarrassed, and then he said, “I’m sorry about my past outbursts Leader Otis, but you may have noticed that I haven’t lashed out at your Guardians in some time. You see, I used to get angry because I was afraid they were going to pet me on my back and around my tail. It hurts when I get pet there so I am very protective of those areas. Your Guardians seem to have figured this out and now I really like to be around them!”

At that moment, I realized that Stanley was probably suffering from Art Thritis just like Me! I also noticed that when he spoke, his teeth looked old and worn. He must be an old cat with lots of sore bones and joints. I immediately told Stanley to sit tight, and then I ducked inside and meowed loudly to summon one of the Guardians. They appeared promptly, and when they saw Stanley they went straight for the tub of catnip. Sometimes I’m amazed at how well they can understand My commands! They gave some catnip to Stanley who immediately dug in.

Stanley Eating Catnip

At My command, the Guardians gave catnip to Stanley. He immediately dug in.

After eating, snuffling and rolling around in the catnip, Stanley seemed to be feeling much better. He said, “Thanks Leader Otis! This stuff always helps me manage my pain. I think it must be medicinal or something!”

Stanley laying in catnip

Stanley said he felt much better after partaking of the catnip. He thought it might be medicinal.

I told The Mighty Stanley that there was no need to thank Me, and that he should stop by any time he needed another dose of his medicine. With that, Stanley got to his feet and gave Me two slow blinks to show his appreciation. He then set off in the direction of his house, looking a little bit lighter on his feet.

So Sayeth Otis

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15 responses to “Stanley Is Not So Unstable

  1. I’m so glad Stanley has you to help him with his aches and pains.

  2. We are glad that you helped Stanley to feel better!

  3. Sometimes all we need is a little catnip from our friends. You are a good cat!

  4. Why is it all your really nice posts make my eyes leak?

  5. ahhh the limbo cats…so unkind of the peeps they live with…and when they become seniors…it seems like they get treated like peeps’ seniors…often ignored, without funds for health care, and so they suffer pain and discomfort and usually lack of social interaction ‘cuz they are less mobile…just ‘cuz peeps have ‘family’ doesn’t mean they don’t get left in limbo land just like limbo cats. Stanley is a dear…I wish I could come get him right now…sigh

  6. Aww, Mighty Staney looks like a sweetie, I’m glad he got a treat!

  7. Otis you are so kind – what Stanley may not want to admit is that the warmth of caring friends has been lacking in his life. Warmth is healing. Good job Otis

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