Sunday Brunch

My Disciples,

I’m so excited! Brothers Henry and Oliver invited Me to Sunday brunch! I didn’t even know what a brunch was, but apparently it means we all gather together mid-morning and chow down…because that’s exactly what we did!


Brunch is awesome! We all got together and chowed down!

While we were at brunch, Brother Oliver said that ordinarily we would also have special drinks. He said his favorite brunch drink is something called a “mousemosa”. I’ve never had one of those, but it sounds delicious! I’m keeping My paws crossed that this brunch thing becomes a Cult of Otis Sunday tradition!

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7 responses to “Sunday Brunch

  1. Who doesnt love Sunday brunch? Prrrrr… :”)

  2. We always have Sunday brunch because Mama doesn’t get up in time for breakfast on Sundays

    • Doesn’t get up in time for breakfast!? And you don’t insist that she get up, Teddy? The Brothers and I would NEVER allow the Guardians to sleep through breakfast, even if we knew that brunch was coming an hour or two later.

      • Believe me when I say it would take a team of sled dogs to get her out of bed if she isn’t ready to get up. It does help that Saturday night she leaves extra treats for me.

  3. ahhh…the tabby brunch bunch! Nice!

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