Dangerously Handsome Henry

My Disciples,

It has been brought to My attention that Brother Henry’s handsomeness may be too much for some people to bear.  Just the other day, I heard one of the Guardians say, “Henry, you’re so handsome it hurts my eyes.”  I have long known that Brother Henry is handsome, but this is the first instance that I am aware of in which his handsomeness actually caused a viewer physical pain.  That’s some kind of powerful handsome! Now, I should warn you that there is a photo of Brother Henry immediately below this paragraph. You can look at it if you dare, but don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning about the potential results.

Dangerously Handsome Henry

Do your eyes hurt? Were you poked in the eye by handsomeness?

Hmmm…My eyes don’t hurt, but I’m a cat.  Perhaps we are immune to the dangers of over-handsomeness.  If your eyes are hurting, don’ t worry.  Judging from the Guardians of Otis, the pain is only temporary and wears off soon after you have stopped looking directly at the handsome. Still, I think Brother Oliver and I shall put our heads together and try to come up with some sort of anti-handsome protective goggles for the Guardians to wear.  We can’t have them going blind every time Brother Henry comes into the room. They need their vision to ensure they can get the food out of the cupboard and into our bowls!

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15 responses to “Dangerously Handsome Henry

  1. Far, far better than a sharp stick in the eye.

  2. Oh, the handsomeness! It must be a plot to make sure Guardians desire to possess such beauty that they snatch up the Handsome Ones and take them inside – and reward the Handsome Ones with a life of luxury, adoration, and safety.

    • Hmmmm…I’m not sure about that Phil. The Guardians seem to wish that all kitties have a life of luxury, adoration, and safety regardless of their handsomeness. 🙂

  3. My eye´s don´t hurt , but I guess it´s because I´m a cat 🙂
    I shall call for my “mom” and let her watch the picture of the Handsome one.

    Yes my mom say´s her eye´s hurt after been watching the Handsome one !

  4. oohhh no way do my eyes hurt…I have been checkin’ out Henry’s ‘handsomeness’ for some time…purrrr…nice…(smacking lips)…grrrroowwll…ooopps…excuse me…forgot myself…I am totally NOT INTERESTED…but emmm hmmmm…lookin’ good my man Henry

  5. I think the perils of feline beauty are greatly increased by close proximity. I can enjoy Henry’s handsomeness without pain, but sometimes when I look at Pebble, her cuteness makes me almost cry and it was the same with Cinnamon too. But don’t worry, it is never so much it stops me providing food or cuddles 🙂 (and if it seems in danger of that, the insistent meow (you know the one!) cuts through it every time!)

  6. ::THUD::
    It would seem fainting is another hazard of over-handsomeness!!!

  7. Brother Henry certainly is a handsome cat!
    Sometimes when I give Mama some lovins her eyes get wet. She says it’s because I am so handsome but I don’t think it’s painful for her…but then like you I am a cat.

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