The Guardians Are Strange Sometimes

My Disciples,

Have I mentioned that the Guardians can be strange? It’s true.  For instance, one day I jumped up onto the cat tree with drawers by the window and found a jar sitting there.  I looked closely at the jar and it appeared to contain what I believe were bones!  At least they looked like what I saw on my radumographs when I found out I had Art Thritis.

Otis with jar of bones

The Guardians had put a jar of bones on the cat tree with drawers by the window. It creeped Me out.

The Guardians call themselves “naturalists”, and I guess collecting bones in a jar is normal for them.  It kind of creeped Me out though. I decided to just look out the window and try to ignore the jar.  It was tough to do.

Otis sitting next to jar

I decided to just look out the window and forget that the jar was there.

Just as I had forgotten all about the jar, a little bird flew by and I thought, “I would love to crunch his crunchy little bones!”  That got Me thinking about the jar again!  I eventually moved to the taller cat tree in the front window where I could imagine crunching little birds in peace. Sometimes it really is a challenge having naturalists as Guardians…

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “The Guardians Are Strange Sometimes

  1. Claudine Erlandson

    Dear Otis, Indeed your guardian is a great Naturalist. You can be very proud of him. There was a newspaper article yesterday w/ a wonderful photo of him and also great photos of Humming Birds! Now those “bird bones” would be very very small…and Kitties like you and your Brothers would never ever think of crushing them. And your wonderful guardians made sure you would not and could not! From a loving and faithful disciple…

    • We might think of crushing those bird bones Claudine…but you are correct, thinking about it is all we would do. The Guardians guard us, but they protect the wildlings as well :-).

  2. ok.ok,ok…naturalist smatchurlalist…they ought not to leave stuff like that around to confuse you Mr Otis…you have so many other more important things to ponder, to manage and to lead…I can’t believe they do that. Harummpppfff….and how do ya know those are tiny bird bones and NOT tiny peep bones!!!…yeah cat, I would be totally careful about those ‘Guardians’ of yours when it comes to bones…just sayin’…

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