Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #9

My Disciples,

Well, I guess Brother Oliver was very excited by the response to his “zombie” self-portrait because he has now created an image of himself as another mythical creature.  This time he is Brother Oliver the vampire. See for yourself.

Vampire Oliver

Brother Oliver’s self-portrait #9- Brother Oliver the Vampire

Now, while I enjoy the photo, I think Brother Oliver overlooked something very important.  How many vampires do you know that lay around in the sun? I mean, excluding the brooding teenage “vampires” in recent romance novels.  Oh well, good effort anyway on Brother Oliver’s part.  I have to admit, he does look a little scary…

So Sayeth Otis

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16 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #9

  1. 2 cats

    awww Brother Oliver is still hansome even as a scary vampire!

  2. Me have never seen any Vampire out in the sun !
    Not for that I have seen anyone in the dark either 🙂

  3. Aww, what a cute vampire toof!!!

  4. Heaven help you if he starts to sparkle…

  5. Oh Cat! be verrrrry careful…can ya see that half crazed look in his eyes…and that snaggle tooth sticking out…hate to meet up with him on a dark night stroll to the litter box…

  6. OMggggggg, I love love love that little fang. Meowwwww

  7. I don’t think he looks scary at all. When mama and I first saw the photo she laughed and so did I…but I was more discreet and manly in my laughing.

  8. You look rather annoyed my furriend! ;”)

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