Mr. Kitters is Missing!

My Disciples,

As one of the Guardians was driving to work, he spotted a new missing cat poster on a telephone pole.  This time it is a tuxedo kitty named Mr. Kitters that has joined the ranks of the missing.

Lost Cat Poster- Mr Kitters

Mr. Kitters has gone missing. I purr that he is someplace safe.

As we are now well into spring, your kitty may be eager to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  While your kitty should definitely be allowed to do so, it is your job to give them safe boundaries.  Never let kitty wander free with no restrictions or supervision.  Teach him or her to walk on a leash or build a nice catio in which your kitty can relax in safety.  Take a look at My past and present Outdoor Domains if you need ideas.

Your kitty doesn’t know what dangers are waiting for him or her out there in the world without walls, but you do.  Be a true Guardian and protect your kitty so he or she does not end up on a poster like poor Mr. Kitters.

So Sayeth Otis

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14 responses to “Mr. Kitters is Missing!

  1. What a sad sign to see 😦 Do hope there’s a happy outcome

  2. I wonder if any of these lost kitties are ever reunited with their families? It is sad beyond words 😦

  3. So very sad! 😦 We agree with you about only going outdoors safely. The cat kids here have a cat safe enclosure (not so nice as yours, but it is secure and allows them to enjoy the outdoors in safety) and they also go out into the yard on harnesses and leads. They love it!

  4. If I ever went missing my mama would be too sad. And she would never get to work on time without me to help her wake up. Hope Mr. Kitters is found and back with his people right away. He must be terrified!

    • I hope Mr. Kitters is found right away too Teddy. I remember what it was like to wander alone in the wilderness and it WAS scary.

      • When I was just a few weeks old I was all alone out there until someone saw me and took me to the shelter. I was afraid outside and in the shelter. The shelter peoples were nice but it was still scary. Now it is not scary because I have my own condo where Mama lives with me.

      • Congratulations on completing the journey to The Promised Land!

  5. again…this is why I live indside and Dad and Mom use bad words when peeps come over here and leave a door open…we are selling our house and an agent came in and Mom told her about me…and she went out onto my deck and left the slider wide open…not good, not good…don’t think they will be back after Mom finished spouting her fave words, stuff like ‘holy sheep’ and ‘what the hall are you doin’ and then there was one more…mmm….let me think…oh yeah…it was another ‘sheep’…

  6. All those who wonder are not lost… perhaps Mr. Kitters decided to leave? Hmm…

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