Meowmorial Day Is Coming

My Disciples,

While today is the human day of remembrance known as Memorial Day, I want to remind you that it is only one more week until Meowmorial Day, which always falls on the first Monday in June.

Meowmorial Day is a day to remember all of the cats that you have loved and lost. Your feline friends bring so much joy to your lives, they deserve to be remembered with respect and gratitude. Plant a tree in their memory. Donate to an animal rescue organization in their name. Most of all, just remember them all for the special individuals they were.

Otis Reflecting

It is only one more week until Meowmorial Day. Join Me in honoring the kitties we have loved and lost.

If you have lost a feline companion and you would like them to be included in a special Meowmorial Day posting on The Blog Of Otis, please send Me an email with their name, date of passing and a photograph, and I will be honored to pay tribute to their memory.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Meowmorial Day Is Coming

  1. I will be sending you my ‘before me’ brothers and sister…thank you Mr Otis for remembering us cats…

  2. I have never heard of Meowmorial Day but henceforth, I shall celebrate it annually. Thank you for sharing this lovely day with the blogosphere, O Great One.

  3. What a supremely lovely idea. Do look forward to seeing your post on Meowmorial Day.

  4. We think its a wonderful idea and have sent you our pictures šŸ™‚

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