Sometimes I Hear Things

My Disciples,

I know this is going to sound strange, but sometimes I hear things.  It almost always happens when I am sitting in one particular spot on the cat tree with drawers by the window.  I’ll just be sitting there, and all of the sudden sounds will appear out of thin air!  It’s a little bit unnerving.

Otis Hearing Things 1

Sometimes, when I am sitting on the cat tree with drawers, I hear things.

What makes this so puzzling is that the sounds can be anything.  Sometimes I hear people talking.  Other times I hear explosions or music.  Sometimes I hear a bunch of things all at once!  And all of these things sound like they are right next to Me, but I can’t see them!

Otis Hearing Things 2

Although all of these things I am hearing sound like they are right next to Me, I can never see them!

I don’t understand it.  I hope this isn’t some sign that I’ve been working too hard and I’m starting to lose it a little.  I’m sure I need more than the 18 + hours a day of sleep that I am currently getting, but there’s so much to do to spread the word about keeping kitties happy, healthy and safely confined that I just don’t think I can squeeze in another nap!  Hmmmm…maybe the sounds are somehow being beamed into My brain by the leaders of the long-feared dog uprising!  I didn’t think they had developed that kind of technology yet, but I wouldn’t put it past them.  After all, if they are clever enough to get humans to follow them around and pick up their poop, they may be clever enough to get the humans to invent things for them as well.

That’s definitely something to think about, but for now I will not let these mystery sounds thwart Me from My mission!

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Sometimes I Hear Things

  1. Let’s just be glad you aren’t hearing Death Metal!

  2. Only eighteen hours a day Otis…one wonders how you cope!!!

  3. errr…ummm..Mr Otis…maybe it is the noise from the items within the drawerd which make up this particular cat tower??? Maybe the items in the drawers are trying to send you an urgent message to save them from being kept in the drawers??? Perhaps…just perhaps…you might thing about opening the drawers and finding who resides there?? Perhaps they could use your wisdom???? Just a thought…

  4. Oh, dear. When I first read the title, I did wonder if you have catzophrenia. But perhaps you are simply “sensitive” to things that we Guardians are not. Remember, your hearing and eyesight are far greater than ours. It would come to no surprise to me that a cat’s mind is superior to ous also. 😉

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