Mama Cat’s Training Camp- Domino Plays it Safe

My Disciples,

As Mama Cat’s Catlympic training camp continued, it was Domino’s turn to be instructed.  Instead of taking his place on the lawn, Domino jumped up onto a chair and asked Mama if she would mind critiquing his forepaw work.  He rooted his butt firmly in the seat of the chair, reared back and got in his ready position.  Mama Cat asked, “Are you sure you just want to do forepaw work?”  To which Domino replied, “Yes Mama.  I want to make sure I have mastered the basics of bird capture before I work on any fancy moves.”  “Very well…”, Mama Cat said, “…you may begin.  The bird handler moved the bird in Domino’s direction and his paws came up, ready to strike.

Domino Practicing

Domino wanted to work on his forepaw, bird capture technique. Mama Cat agreed to critique him.

Just as the bird passed between Domino’s paws, he snapped them together and made a grab.  He missed the bird, but ended up capturing the string to which the bird was attached.  Mama Cat said, “Very close, Domino!  You almost had it.  Do you want to try again?”

Domino Practicing 2

Domino grabbed the string instead of the bird, but Mama Cat gave him positive reinforcement.

“Nah…”, Domino said, “…I don’t want to try to do too much too soon.  I think I’ll call it a day.”  With that, he jumped down from the chair and wandered over to a nearby food bowl.  Mama Cat frowned after him, clearly wondering if he had the proper drive to become a true Catlympian.  She didn’t push the matter though, she just said, “This concludes our first day of training.  Future trainings will be scheduled soon, but for now I just want you to work on what we covered today.  Remember, watch, anticipate, and act.  Now everybody go and have yourself a good bath and a nap.”

Beatrice, Thomas and Domino all headed off to their respective yards with visions of Catlympic gold dancing in their heads.

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “Mama Cat’s Training Camp- Domino Plays it Safe

  1. Guess they can’t all win gold this year – perhaps Domino’s got his eye on 2016? Or do cats have em every year?

  2. The Catlympics are held every 4 years, but since we’re talking about cat years, it comes out to once every human year. 🙂

  3. This is shaping up to be a memorable one, for sure!

  4. …mmmmm…Domino kind’a looks like my kind’a guy…ya know…hang back…take no risk…play safe…but I still think he can make the Catlympics Team

  5. I have been on my mom´s parents cat Gustav´s bootcamp today 🙂

  6. Mama is wisely evaluating her students. Will Domino turn out to be the surprise star? Or does he just want to show up and enjoy the party?

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