Mama Cat Continues Her Training

My Disciples,

Mama Cat stopped by once again to do a little Catlympic training.  She continues to prove that she will be the kitty to beat when the Catlympics arrive later this year.  She started off her training session with a picture perfect Catmikaze.

Mama's Catmikaze

Mama started her training session with a picture perfect Catmikaze.

After landing the Catmikaze, Mama Cat spun around and prepared for the next pass of the simulated bird.  I could see she was setting up for some major air, and when the bird passed overhead she attempted to grab it with her Dragon Kick move.  She narrowly missed.

Mama's Dragon Kick

Mama attempted a Dragon Kick on the artificial bird’s second pass. She narrowly missed.

She seemed to be working he way through her usual repertoire, so I was shocked when she landed from the Dragon Kick, immediately spun in the direct of the bird, and launched herself while shouting, “Lion Leap!”

Mama's Lion Leap

Mama Cat spun around after missing the bird with the Dragon Kick. She shouted “Lion Leap!” and launched herself after the simulated bird.

She nabbed the bird in her front paws as she came down from the Lion Leap, but she immediately let it go and darted back to the center of the yard.  Her tail twitched and her muscles tensed.  I knew it was coming.  Her signature move.  The bird passed over her head and Mama jumped skyward with lightning speed.  She roared, “Flying Squirrel!” as she caught the bird in midair.

Mama's Flying Squirrel

As always, Mama greatly impressed Me with her signature “Flying Squirrel” move.

After landing the Flying Squirrel perfectly, Mama said she had practiced enough for the day.  The bird handler gave her some catnip and some scratches and retired into My Indoor Domain to see if the bird needed any repairs.  I’m seriously becoming a little worried that this year’s Catlympics is going to be a Mama Cat blowout.  There’s no other kitty in the neighborhood, including the Brothers and Me, that can compete at her level.  The rest of the kitties are going to need to step it up or stay home…which, come to think of it, is exactly where they should be to begin with. Unfortunately, their guardians apparently don’t agree.

So Sayeth Otis

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29 responses to “Mama Cat Continues Her Training

  1. 2 cats

    Love mama cat!!
    My 2 cats have that bird toy but they do not have the skill of mama cat – i think they need more practise too


  3. She sure is a goer. Now Otis, don’t expect to be able to compete in the same field sports as Mama. We suspect that your leadership skills and above normal intelligence will lead you to devise some specialist entry to the games in which not one single cat could hope to match your dare devil moves… we’re thinking marathon snoozing, duration eating…

    • You may be onto something here, Animalcouriers! Ever since I got Art Thritis in one of My hips, I haven’t been much of a jumper. Maybe I’ll have to figure out some new sports to add to the Catlympic roster!

  4. Mama Cat gets some serious air. I don’t see how anyone can compete.

  5. Oh that flying squirrel move is the best yet! You got a catastic camera to catch all that action.

  6. Me too are practising for the catolympics !
    I can do some of the stuff your mom is doing , but your mom is a little bit better than me 😉

  7. The Catmikaze and Lion Leap are pretty impressive…but I am still trying to master the Flying Squirrel…of course I am working the variation version done from a reclining position…demands a lot of core strenght which I am working on…Mama Cat totally rocks!

  8. VERY impressive! Those are some advanced moves Mama is sporting. I think she is a shoe-in for the Gold Medal.

  9. Mama Cat has got to be the leader in this event. Never seen such explosive energy and skills. Unique seems too drab to describe her performance. (Sure she does so well with you as her audience, Otis!)

  10. The Lion Leap so fits her. She looks like she has a mane!!

  11. Serious question Otis: Is there a purpose for the Guardians facilitating play with the kitties outside? I mean, they know alot about animals and all, so I was just wondering.

    • When the Limbo kitties are engaged in play with the Guardians, Rumpy, they are in a safe place and under the Guardians’ supervision. That means they are not walking in the road, being chased by…sorry…dogs, or otherwise getting themselves into trouble. After they play sessions, the Limbo kitties are tired out and they rest (again, staying out of the road, etc.). The play is also very enriching to the kitties and it lets them get out their killer instincts. That means they will be less likely to go after the local birds and other wildlife. So the Guardians play with the kitties to help keep them safe,to make their lives more fun, and to protect wildlife. It’s a win-win-win situation.

  12. Fantastic action shots!

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  14. Nothing will beat Flying Squirrel!!!! It’s a rockin’ move 🙂

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