My Disciples,

Ever since my near-fatal encounter with the Raccoon, I have been sticking close to Brother Henry.  I’m pretty sure that the wild, masked beast is not able to get into My Indoor Domain, but I’m not taking any chances.

Otis and Henry 1

Ever since My encounter with the Raccoon, I’ve been sticking close to Brother Henry.

Even though I don’t think Brother Henry would be able to conquer the Raccoon in a physical fight, his presence still gives Me great comfort.

Otis and Henry 2

I doubt whether Brother Henry could best the Raccoon in a fight, but he brings Me comfort none-the-less.

I think it is perfectly normal for Me to want to be near My bodyguard at all times, but this morning, while we were sleeping comfortably together in a box, Brother Henry asked Me a strange question.  He looked at Me and said, “Leader Otis?  Do you think you might be suffering from PTCD?”  When I asked him what that was, he said, “It’s ‘Post Traumatic Clinginess Disorder'”.

Henry and Otis 3

Brother Henry asked Me if I might have “Post Traumatic Clinginess Disorder”.

I assumed that he was asking if I had more static cling than usual in My fur or something. I mean, I could see where an especially electrifying experience like a near-death encounter with a Raccoon might have that effect on some kitties.  I told him, “Nope.  I feel just fine…”  And then, completely out of the blue, he let out a long, forlorn sounding yowl.

Otis and Henry 4

When I told Brother Henry that I didn’t think I had PTCD, he let out a long, forlorn sounding yowl. Weird.

I thought Brother Henry’s yowl was a bit strange at first, but then it hit Me.  He was asking Me if I had PTCD because he was afraid that he was suffering from it himself. It made perfect sense, as he was the one that had really put himself in harm’s way to face that Raccoon. I decided there was only one way I could help Brother Henry.  I would redouble My efforts to stay as close to him as possible at all times.  I realized that it was probably doing him even more good than it was doing Me, what with his PTCD and all…

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “PTCD

  1. OTIS

  2. So sweet that you and Brother Henry are helping each other recover from this terrible encounter!

  3. MOL x 1000!!! Totally original! Hope the PTCD doesn’t get them cross ways with each other. I am sure the encounter with Mr Racoon was a bit of a shock

  4. Oh Dog! Brother Henry! Let the leader heal his psyche!

  5. Do you think PTCD is a direct result of the lesser known Post Traumatic Raccoon Encounter (PTRE)? I’m certain that the healing powers of your focused attention will help Brother Henry to be better soon 😉

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