The Beast Returned!

My Disciples,

Oh my gosh!  I had a horrifying encounter this morning that I will not soon forget.  Remember that huge Raccoon that I saw in the yard the other day? Well, I was in My Outdoor Domain this morning dozing, and when I woke up, the wild beast was standing before Me with a hungry look in his eyes!

Raccoon Standing Up

I awoke from a nap in My Outdoor Domain to find the wild beast standing before Me!

I leapt to My feet and the Raccoon lowered himself back down on all fours.  He began pacing slowly back and forth with his gaze fixed on Me. His eyes were hypnotic and, although I was terrified, I could not look away.

Raccoon Pacing

I leapt to My feet, and the Raccoon dropped down on all fours. He began pacing while staring at Me.

I shouted out for Brother Henry, and he came on the run, leaving a trail of kitty litter behind him.  Apparently, he had been in the middle of a potty break.  Brother Henry burst into My Outdoor Domain and, after letting out a startled yelp, exclaimed, “Run Leader Otis!  This foe is beyond any of us!”  Then, turning to the Raccoon he shouted, “Back to the shadows you foul, masked demon! This barrier marks the boundary of the Outdoor Domain of The Leader!  You shall not pass!”

Raccoon Confronted by Henry

Brother Henry burst into My Outdoor Domain. He told Me to run, and then he did his best to face down his much more powerful foe.

Just as it seemed that all hope was lost, the Raccoon suddenly retreated about 10 feet with a look of wariness in his eyes.  Brother Henry was startled by this, believing that the Raccoon had retreated at his command.  But the truth was that the Guardians of Otis had just entered My Outdoor Domain to see what was going on.  The Raccoon’s confidence wavered with the appearance of two bi-peds.

Raccoon Uncertain

The Raccoon began to retreat. At first Brother Henry thought he had backed the beast down, but in reality it was the Guardians who had struck fear in his heart.

The larger Guardian exited My Outdoor Domain and went to face the Raccoon on his own turf.  The Guardian walked slowly toward the Raccoon, and the Raccoon slowly retreated around the side of the house, but he kept pausing and looking up at the Guardian as if he wanted something.

Raccoon in Retreat

The Guardian walked toward the Raccoon, and the Raccoon slowly retreated. He kept stopping though and looking back at the Guardian as if he wanted something.

At one point My heart nearly stopped as I saw the Raccoon turn and walk right up to the Guardian.  I was sure that, at any moment, the Raccoon would take a flying leap and try to latch onto the Guardian’s throat!

Raccoon approaching

At one point, the Raccoon walked right up to the Guardian. I thought he was going to attack!

Just as the Raccoon was within striking distance, I was amazed to hear the Guardian speak to him in his own language! The Guardian made a sort of guttural growl followed by a quick snort, and the Raccoon turned tail and headed off into the neighboring yard.  When the Guardian came back to My Outdoor Domain, he told the other Guardian that the Raccoon seemed to be very “habit chew eighted”, whatever that means, and that someone in the neighborhood must be feeding him. I guess feeding Raccoons must make them habit chew eighted, which in turn makes them less afraid of Guardians. He would have been a lot less bold if he had not been habit chew eighted.

I don’t know why a human would want to habit chew eight a Raccoon and make him less wary, but if what I saw this morning is any indication of the consequences, I really hope they stop!  Brother Henry agreed and, in an attempt to make light of our near death experience, he said, “We almost got ated because the Raccoon was habit chew eighted.”  I was still a little shaky, but that still made Me laugh.

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “The Beast Returned!

  1. Wow! What an incredible encounter. I had no idea that raccoons could be habit chew eighted. Crazy. Great photography, Guardians! Especially the final shot.

  2. EGADS what an ordeal!!!! My boys were shaken just reading about it and are quite amazed you lived to tell the tale!!!!

    • It was close, Cat’s Cats, but the Guardians have tackled much greater foes than Mr. Raccoon. Both of them comes home on a regular basis smelling like bears, coyotes, eagles and all sorts of crazy things!

  3. You need to get that thing outta there. Coons will take out cats realllly fast! I worry for the cats that aren’t in your enclosure. Glad to see that fencing there. Any chance animal control can get rid of it for you?

    • Ms. Stella, I heard the Guardians talking and they said that this Raccoon was a fairly old fellow judging from his teeth (he yawned at them). He’s probably been in the neighborhood at least 6 or 7 years now, and we haven’t seen any of the Limbo cats visiting our yard with any signs of Raccoon related injury. Since both of the Guardians work with wild animals, including Raccoons, in their day jobs, they felt like it was best just to encourage him to move along and reinforce that humans are not friends. The Guardians are vigilant about kitty safety though, even if the kitties are not their own, so never fear!

  4. aieeee…why can’t peeps leave wild animals wild! That’s what they are! sheesh! Next they will start feeding poor little scawny coyotes! While I think racoons are pretty catgone cute, and their habits are interesting…they are wild! period! Stay safe Mr Otis and thank goodness you had back up with Bro Henry. Oh and I think the word is really habityou ated, maybe…hmmm

  5. We don’t have any raccoons up on the top floor where we live but we do have a red-tail hawk that likes to perch on our railing. Let me tell you he scares my whiskers stiff!

  6. Oh my goodness! How scary!

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  8. I’m afraid that since this little guy is so old and has been fed so long, he’s probably not gonna change his mind anytime soon. *sigh*

    • Maybe not, Rumpy. But the Guardians will make sure that he doesn’t get any positive reinforcement of his behavior from them. He might start to at least avoid our yard if he gets snorted at and chased by big scary humans whenever he visits.

  9. Oh, Otis! How scary! Feeding raccoons is so unwise – they get too used to people (and are at risk when they start coming around all the time. They are no match for cars.) and they stop foraging for their own healthy food.
    Around here, rabies is a big concern with the little wild guys – it’s been a very bad problem for several years.
    Stay back, Otis!

    • Yes, it is VERY unwise to feed the wildlings like this Raccoon. The Guardians will keep us safe from him by never letting us out where we might have a conflict with him. They’ll also scare him out of our yard whenever he shows up and acts bold so he will learn to avoid our place. That way the Limbo kitties that visit us will be safer too.

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