Brother Henry’s Fortress of Solitude

My Disciples,

Brother Henry works hard protecting Me from danger and keeping watch for any signs of the long-feared dog uprising.  Because his burdens are so great, he sometimes needs to take a break and escape from his responsibilities.  The Guardians of Otis must realize this, because they recently built a Fortress of Solitude that is just big enough for Brother Henry.  He has been enjoying it thoroughly during his off time.

Henry in the Fortress of Solitude

Brother Henry has been spending his off hours in his newly constructed Fortress of Solitude.

Don’t worry though, My Disciples, Brother Oliver keeps Me well protected during Brother Henry’s brief respites.  Although Brother Oliver is not quite as powerful as Brother Henry, he does have a powerful voice.  If any dangers arise that are beyond Brother Oliver’s capabilities, he has only to meow, and Brother Henry will burst from his fortress on the run.  So far though, that hasn’t happened, and brother Henry has emerged from each session of solitude reinvigorated and ready to do whatever it takes to keep Me safe from harm.

Henry Emerges

Brother Henry emerges from his solitude sessions feeling reinvigorated and ready to take on the world.

I know it’s not easy being My Muscle, so I’m glad Brother Henry has a nice, quiet escape in which he reflect on the importance of his duty.  Hmmmm…maybe I should say “the importance of his job” instead.  Whenever I tell Brother Henry he has an important duty, he runs off to the litter box and Brother Oliver starts laughing. Weird.

So Sayeth Otis

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6 responses to “Brother Henry’s Fortress of Solitude

  1. ummm…ya may not have noticed Mr Otis…but I’m thinkin’ maybe, like…ahhhh….Brother Henry may be plain ole ‘napping’ in that box…just sayin…he could be a bit of a slacker, if ya know what i mean…I’d be careful if I were you…

  2. Brother Henry – what a lovely stretch – yoga? Otis, it’s nice Brother Henry has a special retreat from time to time.

  3. Everyone needs a little alone time now and again 🙂

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