I’m Glad I Wasn’t Out There

My Disciples,

This morning I looked out the window and saw a big ‘ol Raccoon on the lawn!  He looked to be about twice the size of Brother Henry, which would make him more than 30 pounds of ring-tailed fury!  That’s a lot of fury.


There was a big ‘ol Raccoon on the lawn this morning! He was huge!

As I watched, the Raccoon began to roll around and casually groom himself.  He looked pretty easygoing, but I know that if push ever came to shove, and he got into a dispute with a kitty over territory or a food source, the kitty wouldn’t stand a chance.

Raccoon Grooming

The Raccoon looked pretty harmless as he groomed himself, but I know that he would definitely be able to come out on top in any dispute with a kitty.

Seeing the Raccoon was fun and interesting, but I was very glad that there was a window between him and Me.  He was enjoying the world in which he belongs, and I was enjoying the world in which I belong.  The safe boundaries that the Guardians of Otis maintain between those two worlds will ensure that Mr. Raccoon and I will never have a disagreement that needs settling.  If everyone with kitties would maintain this separation between the domestic and the wild, our neighborhoods would be a lot more harmonious for all.

So Sayeth Otis

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15 responses to “I’m Glad I Wasn’t Out There

  1. Me too are glad that there was a window between you and Mr Racoon !

  2. Oh, Otis, you are so smart! I’ve seen a big dog after he tangled with a raccoon. Ripped that dog’s ears into fringe.
    Interesting to watch from the window. Stay inside, Otis. Stay outside Rocky Raccoon. Everything in it’s place.

  3. Cats just don’t belong outside unless on a harness or inside an enclosure. The racoon owns the outside and would fight to the death to keep it all his. Mr Otis, you have very responsible Guardians as do I…whew!

    • I’m glad your Guardians also know the difference between domestic and wild SPT! I mean, we might act wild sometimes, but the wilderness is no place for a kitty.

  4. Batya

    I hope someday all cat guardians realize this; otherwise, they really aren’t Guardians, with a capital G.

  5. Sir Otis, you are so right and you have great Guardians. My Mama would never let me out anywhere without me being in an enclosure of some kind. Even going to see my vet I have to be in the dreaded box. The word needs to be spread to all the uninformed peoples.

  6. I thought raccoons were nocturnal, this poor chap is obviously confused! Glad you were safely inside at the time he made his appearance in your garden.

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