Brother Henry, Protector of the Sweater

My Disciples,

Early this morning, I decided that I wanted to spend some time in My Outdoor Domain.  Usually, the minute I head toward the door, Brother Henry arrives to escort Me safely out to the catio, but this morning he was nowhere to be found.  I searched the house to find him resting on the low cat tree under the front window.  He was snuggled up on one of the Guardians’ sweaters.

Protector of the Sweater

Brother Henry did not appear to escort Me into My Outdoor Domain. I found him sleeping on a sweater.

I cleared My throat to wake Brother Henry up, and he lifted his head to look at Me.  I said, “Brother Henry!  You are neglecting your bodyguard duties!  What are you doing sleeping on that sweater!?”

Protector of the Sweater

I woke Brother Henry up and asked him why he was neglecting his duties to sleep on a sweater.

Groggy, but clearly embarrassed, Brother Henry gave Me a bizarre, and obviously made up excuse.  He said, “Ummm, Leader Otis, I’m sorry I didn’t respond immediately to escort you outside, but it was very important that I protect this sweater.  This sweater belongs to one of the Guardians, and she really likes it.  Earlier, as I was looking out the window, I saw not one, but TWO dogs go by on the sidewalk outside wearing what appeared to be sweaters. I had never seen such a thing before, so I deduced that dogs must be stealing sweaters in preparation for the long-feared dog uprising.  I’m not sure yet what advantage the sweaters will give them, but I wasn’t about to let one of the Guardian’s sweaters fall into enemy hands.”

Of course, this was all just crazy talk, so I decided not to delve any further into the Great Canine Sweater Conspiracy.  Instead I just reminded Brother Henry that, just like us, dogs have not yet conquered the doorknob.  The Guardian’s sweater would be perfectly safe as long as the front door remained closed.  This seemed to satisfy him, and he arose and escorted Me outside.  When I came back inside some time later, I climbed up on the cat tree in the front window just in time to see two dogs passing by leading a person.  They were both wearing sweaters.  Perhaps Brother Henry was not so crazy after all…

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Brother Henry, Protector of the Sweater

  1. “Great Canine Sweater Conspiracy”
    CAT XX

  2. haha, my Alfie also LOVES sitting on stuff: paper, laptop, bags, … I think he’s funny, who knows what he imagines them to be.

  3. really? Sweaters on dogs???? But they still lead the peeps, right? Maybe Brother H was correct in protecting the Guardian’s sweater ‘cuz the dogs could lead the peeps to the front door and command them to open it!! OMC! Such a thought! Be very cautious Mr Otis

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